Odoo Maintenance

Odoo Maintenance

Modern production necessitates the creation of an appropriate maintenance scheme. Maintenance must be effectively handled and delivered in a timely manner. Maintenance is an unavoidable part of any production business in the modern industrial process.

Maintenance costs have been successfully lowered as a result of the introduction of new technology for improved maintenance. A well-planned and implemented maintenance program will effectively eradicate downtime. This can be very useful for businesses, not just in terms of increasing customer loyalty but also in terms of lowering maintenance costs. 

Time off and spending

Machine failure can result in significant losses in highly functional manufacturing units where maintenance costs are heavy. 

In the case of unforeseen system faults, most industrial firms have backup work centers and back-ups. 

However, this is not a long-term option and can only be used as a backup mechanism when the other is being maintained. Maintenance costs have always been high, including the fact that they are unavoidable. And if the upkeep is ignored, the end result may be more expensive than revenue. 

A production business may make significant improvements in their cost tab by combining different forms of maintenance in manufacturing.

Manufacturing automation has transformed the industry into a machine that is highly effective. Integrating a technology-based repair system will allow the task of operating a highly efficient system that does not put a major burden on the company's costs, equivalent to manufacturing. 

Reactive or corrective repair has long been the standard method of system maintenance. It literally responds to some kind of system malfunction or failure. The repair of malfunctioning equipment necessitates some simple preparation. It simply entails correcting the issue at hand with a swift and immediate answer. 

However, this kind of maintenance would be more expensive for the corporation because the supply shortage would be more serious. The repair contingency can have an effect on the job centers. This will necessitate reallocating work and orders as required, putting additional strain on other centers. 

Preventive maintenance will help one reduce the risk of system failure. A calendar or time-based management scheme is known as proactive maintenance. The manufacturer decides the daily interval of time, particularly for machines that are used on a regular basis and are subject to anticipated wear and tear. 

This necessitates extensive preparation and analysis of unit history and trends in order to schedule repairs until the machinery fails. We will prepare and coordinate orders ahead of time, resulting in very little downtime. We can almost eradicate the supply shortfall by successfully organizing proactive maintenance. 

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The benefits of proactive equipment maintenance preparation will be ensured with Odoo ERP:

-Maintenance costs are reduced

-Workflow has been stabilized

-Decreased number of missed deadlines.

-Scrap reduction.

-The Odoo Maintenance module in the Odoo ERP program has made maintenance preparation even simpler. 

Configuration for Odoo Maintenance:

We may build repair teams and customize equipment groups in the maintenance module's framework.

Pick configuration from the app's drop-down menus to add the teams and equipment types. The repair teams will appear as a list, and we will be able to edit information or build new teams. 

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The maintenance team 'internal maintenance' is formed here, and team members may be added.
We should select the organization for the individual team in multi-company activities. The dashboard will show the teams after we create them, and we can apply maintenance requests to each team.

The equipment category menu is the other configuration option. The menu helps you to categorize the facilities and appoint individuals to be in charge of its upkeep. The specifics of equipment produced under the category, as well as their maintenance history, will be organized in this way.

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Odoo Maintenance on Equipment

In the Odoo Maintenance module, we can build both a list of work centers and a list of machines and equipment. The production module's job centers would be directly imported into the repair module.
If required, we can create new work centers.

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The other choice allows you to design the different equipment that offices, staff, and others use.
We may add new equipment and categorize it. It would notify the individual in charge of repairs immediately. We may also choose a customer for the equipment and fill in the appropriate information. 

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The equipment's servicing tab will display automated statistics like the mean time between failure (MTBF), "Mean time between failures",  and the time to fix in the meantime (MTTR), "mean time to recovery or mean time to restore". The tab also shows when the next failure is anticipated.

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In the browser, we will make new repair requests. We should add the infrastructure that has to be fixed, as well as the repairs and other information that haven't been set up for it yet. Corrective or preventive repair may be assigned. We may also prioritize the request if it is considered necessary. 

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In the repair slot, we will make new requests. We should add the equipment that needs to be fixed, as well as the repairs and other information that aren't set up with the equipment. Corrective or preventative repair may be assigned. We may also prioritize the request if we think it's necessary.

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We may either mark the machinery as restored or scrap it until the maintenance is finished. We might build repair requests for specific days if we switched to a calendar view.

This will aid in the planning of preventative maintenance. Preventive maintenance requests are simpler to build and prepare in Odoo since the calendar display provides a more detailed view of pending requests.

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Odoo Maintenance
Ismail Harake March 26, 2021
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