Odoo Maintenance Request Management

Odoo Maintenance Request Management

Every procedure in a company or sector requires a formal communication system. If the issue is one of maintenance management, the individual who is using the equipment or the department's manager should make a formal maintenance request, alerting the maintenance management wing to complete the task.

Odoo provides you with immediate assistance when it comes to submitting maintenance requests. Submitting maintenance requests with Odoo is a simple procedure. As previously said, Odoo maintenance, as well as the maintenance request raising feature, is one of the most user-friendly tools available.

Odoo has a solution in place to assist you in completing all of your responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. You may also manage operations in a timely and transparent manner using this open-source software solution. Odoo provides a user-friendly platform. Maintenance management and maintenance request creation are expected to improve over time as Odoo is a continuously updated software application.

In this blog post, we'll look at how to use Odoo to create and handle maintenance requests. We can also talk about the advantages of Odoo for managing maintenance requests.

How to Create Maintenance Request?

Once the Odoo Maintenance Module has been installed, we can go right to the Maintenance module and find a Maintenance menu.

This page lists all of the maintenance requests that have been submitted thus far. The CREATE tab on this page can be used to create a maintenance request.

A demonstration of a maintenance request form may be seen in the image above.

This form can be used to provide information on our maintenance needs and requirements.

First, let's have a look at the fields available on this page.

Title: This area can be used to enter the request name so that the maintenance management team can quickly identify the request's content.

Created By: Team members can use this field to identify the individual who is initiating the maintenance request.

Equipment: A company may use several sorts of equipment, and we must identify the type of equipment here.

Request Date: In order to keep track of the maintenance records, we must include the date on which the request was made.

Maintenance Type: This is an extremely significant field, and we have two alternatives. We have the option of selecting Corrective or Preventive. This one must be completed in accordance with the requirements. We can look into what preventative and corrective maintenance entail.

Corrective Maintenance: When the equipment has a technical issue, this type of maintenance is performed. The goal of corrective maintenance is to fix defective equipment. Unplanned maintenance procedures that necessitate the maintenance team's immediate attention are referred to as corrective maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance: This is a type of maintenance that is done on a regular basis. To avoid mechanical breakdown, preventive maintenance is performed. This is done to keep the machine from being damaged. It will also assist us in extending the equipment's life.

Team: This is a field where we can specify the name of the maintenance team that will be in charge of the job. In the manufacturing industry, there will be several maintenance teams from which to choose.

Responsible: Even after selecting a maintenance team, we must appoint someone to be in charge of the operation.

Scheduled date: By selecting a date, we can schedule a maintenance date.

Priority: Depending on the emergency, we can set the priority.

Company: This is the field where you can enter the name of the company. When we subcontract work or seek equipment manufacturer backing for the work, this becomes critical.

We've filled up the maintenance request form to show you how to fill it out, and it's available above.
Now it's time to save the request.

When we save, we receive something like this.

When we return to the Maintenance Request Page, the request is still there.

The request has now reached the stage of New Request.
The request will then be moved to the In Progress stage after the maintenance team begins their work.
If the equipment is repaired, the status of the request will be Repaired.
Similarly, if the equipment cannot be repaired and the product is scrapped, the status as Scrap can be found.
From the moment the request is created, we can keep track of its progress. This is a straightforward procedure.
Odoo maintenance management also helps us manage maintenance teams and keep track of their activities in a methodical manner. Odoo applications have transparent operations, which allows investors to track the performance of their staff.
This allows us to quickly create and manage maintenance requests.

Benefits of Odoo Maintenance Request Management

1. Odoo Maintenance Request Support ensures that all users can operate in a user-friendly manner.

2. This tool can be used by an inexperienced employee to submit a maintenance request.

3. To complete the request creation feature, we only require the most basic information.

4. Odoo provides scheduling assistance right in the maintenance request form.

5. It gives us the option of performing preventative or corrective maintenance.

6. Allows you to select the best people to handle the job.

7. Ensures that the maintenance operation is completed on time.

8. We may also monitor the status of the maintenance work.

9. The Kanban view of the maintenance request makes it easy for users to receive a quick overview of the request.

10. We may use Odoo to manage various stages of maintenance management.

11. It assists in the management of various maintenance teams.


As previously said, the Odoo Maintenance Module is an essential component of every organization, particularly in the manufacturing industry. If the machine has any technical faults, it can be utilized to raise maintenance requests even during the manufacturing process. Because the app is so simple to use, an employee at the work center can easily submit maintenance requests.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz June 29, 2021
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