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June 28, 2021 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz

Odoo Modules Quick Guide

The operation of a business today is more challenging without specialized software solutions and functional gadgets. In addition, managers of a business and the Chief executive Officers are constantly seeking the recommended operating software solution. In any business case, a business management solution is of crucial importance and we have many of them nowadays. The right decision for any organization to operate their business is the enterprise and Resource Planning solutions. One of the primary advantages of an ERP is a dedicated structure and operating capacity for running the complete enterprise on a single platform.

ERP software is a categorization of business software management and this categorization includes many software solutions. Odoo is one of the best today's ERP solutions. Odoo ERP became one of the prominent software solutions for business operations, thanks to its dedicated business management software with superior functional tools for entire management operations. In addition, over 5 million users worldwide have the platform regardless of the size of the enterprise, the business industry, and the region in which it operates.

Odoo's functionality in the company management operation is carried out using dedicated modules that are accessible. This is because of the modular design structure that may be used to manage the business based on the many sectors and divisions. However, for information sharing, communication, and unified business activities, all the modules are integrated. That is why you have full control over the processes and have tools in each part.

This blog will give you an overview of all the modules available in Odoo ERP.

Odoo is often described as a "one-stop solution" for a company's business operations. Odoo ERP has developed to be one of the greatest business management solutions today, with enhanced features and operations from a single central platform. Furthermore, the Odoo platform's centralized approach to operations allows it to have only one central inventory and a database for data storage. Furthermore, as I previously stated, the Odoo platform has a modular structure that allows you to have a dedicated module of operation. All of these factors combine to make the platform one of the most useful and effective software solutions for business administration. Let's have a look at the various modules that the Odoo platform has to offer for your business operations one by one, depending on the classification Odoo has provided in the platform's Apps module.

Odoo Modules

Sales Management

The Odoo platform's dedicated sales operations management modules will provide you with plenty of functionality and operational capabilities to run your sales department. As key models, you'll utilize application modules including Sales, CRM (customer relationship management), POS (point of sale), Sign, Subscription, Contacts, and Rental. You also include supporting modules like Amazon Connector, eBay Connector, and others.

Furthermore, under the scale classification, you can access direct applications; there are also numerous add-ons and supporting extra modules accessible, which will be seen when the Apps filter is removed, as seen in the following image.

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Odoo acknowledges that, in addition to the platform's other significant operational modules, you'll need a variety of service-providing applications. As a result, there is a list of modules that provide services, such as Projects, Timesheets, Helpdesk, and Field Services. However, after you remove the Apps filter, there are a number of notable applications under the services tag, as well as a number of other supporting add-ons.

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Finance Management

The financial management operations of an organization, such as regulating bill payments and delivering invoices and getting payments on them, are one of the most important components of a business operation. The Odoo platform provides a number of dedicated accounting management modules that can provide your firm with dedicated finance management operations.

You can execute financial management operations with the help of primary modules including invoicing, accounting, and consolidation. Along with the main modules, there are a variety of supporting modules such as Adyen Payment Acquirer, Alipay Payment Acquirer, Authorise.net Payment Acquirer, Buckaroo Payment Acquirer, Paypal Payment Acquirer, and many other Payment Acquirers that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Inventory management

Inventory management operations are the lifeblood of any business, since they focus around product movement, product purchase, and warehouse management. Warehouse management modules such as Inventory, Purchase, Repairs, and Barcode are available in Odoo. In addition, you may use the inventory mode to integrate multiple shipping integrators that are available in the region where you operate.

Production management

If your business is in the manufacturing industry, the Odoo platform includes production management solutions specifically designed for you. With the appropriate modules, you may also successfully execute Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality Management, and Product Lifecycle Management operations.


Nowadays, a company's website is one of the most visible aspects of its operations, and Odoo recognizes the need for an effective website management system and offers the ideal one for you. Website, eCommerce, eLearning, Blogs, Live Chat, Forum, and Online Jobs are just a few of the website configuration tools and administration application modules available on the Odoo platform. Furthermore, you have access to a powerful Odoo website construction tool that allows you to design, develop, and create stunning websites using only block operations.

Marketing and Promotion Management

Business marketing is unavoidable, and it is now one of the most effective strategies to attract new clients to your company. Odoo recognizes the importance of digital marketing and offers tools to help you manage it, including Email Marketing, Events, Social Marketing, Marketing Automation, Appointments, Surveys, and SMS Marketing.

HR Management

Human resources are the foundation of any business, and without dedicated tools for managing them, the entire operation of the company will be disrupted. Expense, Time-off, Recruitment, Employees, Planning, Appraisal, Fleet, Approvals, Employee Referral, Attendances, Skill Management, Payroll, and Lunch are just a few of the HR management modules available in Odoo.

Productivity management

Improving a company's productivity will be one of the most important ways to enhance the company's bruises and profitability. To ensure that you have the productivity monitoring and management tools, Odoo includes numerous productivity management modules in operation, including Documents, Data Cleaning, Discuss, Calendar, Dashboard, Notes, and VOIP.

These are the several modules in Odoo that can be utilized according to their classification. You will also get access to a Studio application, which will allow you to design customized modules based on your needs.

Conclusion: Odoo Modules Quick Guide

To Sum it up, Odoo ERP is one of the world's fastest-growing ERPs nowadays. Odoo, based in Brussels, serves the demands of small and medium-sized businesses in need of a highly adaptable ERP solution to manage their database. An ERP is the backbone of a corporation, especially in today's technology age, when data is a company's most valuable asset. Back-office services can be automated with an ERP system, making corporate procedures more straightforward and efficient.

For many businesses, selecting the right ERP at the right time could be the start of a bright future. It streamlines and unifies the back-end processes of numerous business functions such as sales, manufacturing, accounting, human resources, CRM, Marketing, Inventory, Warehouse, Website, PLM, and many more. You can plan and organize the company's resources, which include not just its products but also its customers and employees.

Please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you'd like to learn more about Odoo and how to apply it in your company. Our team of Odoo professionals is ready to create and implement the best solutions for your company to ensure maximum lead, sales, and income generation.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz June 28, 2021
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