Odoo Online vs Odoo sh

Why Switch From Odoo Online To Odoo.Sh?
September 30, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz

Odoo Online vs Odoo sh

Do you want to incorporate all of your business requirements properly?

Odoo is unquestionably the market's frontrunner in open-source ERP applications. Odoo. sh is one such Odoo platform, which is offered under the Odoo Enterprise category.

Odoo.sh is an all-inclusive Odoo cloud platform explicitly created for Odoo end users. Odoo.sh implementation and deployment are highly advised for the goods and gains of numerous small enterprises.

But how can Odoo.sh actually help your business?

 Odoo.sh is a more advanced platform than Odoo online.

While Odoo online normally gives an instance of all of the Odoo core capabilities, customers are restricted to using the same level features that Odoo ERP provides.

In general, there is no true or precise provision in the Odoo Online platform for you to employ any custom add-ons or any custom creation of software, which is primarily required by practically any customer on this planet because their procedures are so extremely unique and different.

Odoo online is not as versatile as odoo.sh since the overall installation of custom modules is not intended to satisfy the Odoo online terms. We can only go on from here to make the availability of Odoo pre-configured modules fully set.

Odoo.sh is a scalar application that enables for the installation of numerous custom modules and additional customizations.

Odoo.sh also allows end-users to simply test your whole development, manage your feature branches, and beta-test your current features on all of your customer's replica production instances.

Odoo.sh typically uses a Github account to store their unique SSH keys and general secrets, from which they may merge, clone, and fork projects. Anyone may quickly register their SSH public key and connect to any server with a few clicks.

It's easy to see odoo.sh transparently integrating with the entire Github development flow.

Did you know that Odoo online is given through a subscription? You can also request an Odoo online subscription using the web mode to be supplied quickly and for immediate usage!

Because Odoo online is an enterprise version, we may make the Odoo studio app available to make changes in Odoo online. In some circumstances, Odoo introduces new modules for particularly specific functionalities, requiring every typical end-user to individually install modules.

We clearly compared it to all hosting alternatives supplied by Odoo.

So here's the real distinction between Odoo.sh and Odoo online:
  • Setup is simple.

Odoo.sh deployment is actually a very simple process in which you simply browse to https://www.odoo.sh/project/create and then login to your Github account.

Choose a git repository or simply establish a new one by giving it a new name and afterwards providing the subscription code to access the odoo.sh. However, the cost of a monthly subscription to odoo.sh can vary. However, if you are an Odoo partner, the odoo.sh subscription is completely free.
But what should you do?

Simply choose the hosting location and the Odoo versions.
When you are ready for execution, click the deploy button. from the odoo.sh
Connect to your GitHub account to perform real-time analysis. You can also clone, fork, and merge your current projects.
Then you can examine the status area before clicking the connect button. You can also see that Odoo.sh is fully functional.

There is so much that can be done with Odoo.sh that isn't always doable with Odoo Online. The graphic below describes it well:

Then you can review the preceding information before clicking the connect button. You can also see that Odoo.sh is fully functional.
Simply go to any app from your Odoo apps and install it. While using Odoo online is also a simple process. Simply go to https://www.odoo.com and click the "Start Now" button. It is completely free." After that, select the app you require and just click on it.

Later, fill out the form for future use, and the app is made free for life.

What if you require several apps?

Simply go to https://www.odoo.com/pricing.
Choose the apps that meet your needs and have them ranked by the number of users.
Also, as a necessary trial period, click the buy button or try it for free for the next 15 days. We can also buy this subscription online during the specified time frame. Otherwise, it will soon expire.
And now the odoo website is up and running.

With both odoo.sh and odoo online, the duty of maintenance is finally made much easier. Odoo often manages all servers for you, including monitoring, general backups, emails, DNS, and production servers. The Odoo site manages both of the existing cloud platforms. There is nothing you need to be concerned about.

  • Odoo will handle all backups of all your databases in both odoo.sh and odoo online.

  • Odoo online will continue to retain 14 full backups of each Odoo database for up to 3 months, which is one backup each day for seven days, one backup per week for a total of four weeks, and one backup per month for nearly three months.
  • All backups are duplicated in at least three distinct data centers located on different continents.
  • You can also use the control panel to download manual backups of all your active data at any time.
  • Odoo.sh creates incremental backups of all your data for future usage. These incremental backups, which are performed twice a day, can last on three distinct data centers.

Are you concerned about losing your existing data during the transition?

The Odoo portal also offers an immediate recovery program. Within a few clicks, you can obtain any backups from the whole cloud, which is the quickest and easiest way. You can contact the odoo online service/Helpdesk to opt for or restore any of your live database backups.

The possibilities do not stop there!

You can also utilize your own domain names in odoo.sh for all of your ERP projects. This also holds true for DNS subdomains. You can utilize these DNS subdomains for all of your development branches in odoo online, without having to bother about domain names. During the appropriate implementation time, the odoo online support team will be effectively ready to guide you to fully set up your domain.

Odoo.sh support can be imposed on multiple add-on folders. If we add any repository containing Odoo add-ons as a substantial submodule of your branch, it will be immediately recognised as an add-on subdirectory, which will then include the database path. We can also easily install those add-ons, as well as the community modules, and have them tested in just a few clicks. (This is built using Github submodules.)

Aside from payment options and server management, Odoo.sh also supports:

– Continuous Integration

– GitHub Integration

– Shell Access

– Odoo Apps Integration

– Monitoring

– DNS & Ema

When it comes to pricing,

Odoo.sh subscriptions are mostly divided into two types:

The professional plan normally advises a user count of less than 50. The monthly fee is also 150 euros. These dedicated plan pricing are not entirely available on the odoo.sh website; you must also contact the odoo team in person or personally for that.

The best part is that Odoo.sh is entirely free for Odoo partners.

If you're seeking for distinct app connections that can be charged monthly, check out the pricing chart below.

Now that we know what the Odoo.sh is capable of, consider the following advantages for your business:

  • Highly adaptable and scalable
  • Built-in email server
  • Third-party Odoo modules can be installed from the Odoo Apps Store.
  • Advanced built-in utilities
  • Collaboration with Github
  • Own runbot to help with continuous integration
  • Branch administration
  • Test automation

But do you know how to choose your hosting? It's not as straightforward as it appears!

Here's a little peek inside the situation!

Odoo Online: The Ease of Use

The greatest and finest advantage of Odoo Online is its simplicity: you'll never have to worry about technological problems because Odoo handles everything. From 24/7 monitoring of the platform to ensuring that you always benefit from it, its performance and our team efforts will ensure that your entire cloud platform scales as your company grows!

On-Premises: Limitless Possibilities

If you wish to fully set up your hosting infrastructure, Odoo Enterprise may also be effectively hosted on your own existing server.

We also advocate this option mainly for customers with advanced technical understanding, because Odoo SA cannot generally provide any guarantee or actual Service Level.

Agreement on your infrastructure's overall robustness, actual performance, and enhanced scalability.

While hosting Odoo On-Premises, you will primarily be responsible for a number of critical technical factors that might be highly important for the robustness and actual cost of your software installation. If you plan to work with a third-party supplier, be sure you understand what is covered in your current contract and what will be added at an additional expense.

Odoo.sh: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Odoo.sh is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) fully maintained by Odoo SA that allows you to usually install your own cloud platform with a few clicks. It also includes a whole email server.

We can offer the same Service Level Agreement for Odoo Online that we provide for Odoo Online: 99.9% uptime. We also aim to provide daily full incremental backups of your whole production environment. These overall backups are stored in three unique data centers across various continents, allowing you to download all backups.

Odoo.sh also allows you to choose the appropriate deployment architecture for your needs (including the number of workers, storage, and staging environments) and simply adapt and update your configuration as your needs change. The platform will then scale as your business expands!

Conclusion: Odoo Online vs Odoo sh

Choosing the correct hosting system is important since it directly contributes to the success of your organization. It is advisable to make a good choice when it comes to choosing the proper Odoo edition (Odoo Community or Enterprise edition) and the perfect hosting platform based on the business requirements and work system.

If you are still not certain on how to choose your hosting platform, as an Official Odoo Silver Partner and a business solutions supplier for various businesses in an array of industry specializations, we are here to support you.

ERP Cloud LLC, an Odoo Certified Partner, offers a variety of Odoo ERP services, including Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, and Odoo Integration, based on individual business requirements.

Our specialized team of Odoo professionals is ready to create and implement the best solutions for your businesses to achieve maximum outcomes in terms of leads, sales, and money.

 For more information about Odoo, please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com

Odoo, Moe Fawaz September 30, 2022
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