Odoo POS (Point of Sale)

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Odoo POS (Point of Sale)
Ismail Harake
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Odoo POS (Point of Sale)


The pricing methods are vital to sales, be it retail, wholesale, or eCommerce. Most corporations lure their customers through seasonal discounts, the restricted amount offers happy hours, and so on. We've been told that a good evaluation strategy is certain to win additional clients and therefore the customer profit has in real-time mirrored the patrons. The evaluation methods would additionally involve exploiting completely different tariffs and making loyalty programs.

All these involve designing from the sales and promoting groups. There is a discount sale happening somewhere and that we need to effectively manage the worth lists and loyalty programs to carry the regular customers. Do discounts win customers? Not extremely. There is a discount sale happening around the corner and still, you'll see your regular flock of consumers visiting you. Therefore, it is regarding discounts? these days the shoppers are as sensible because the sellers and that they are sensible enough to appear on the far side the discounts to settle on their sellers

All factors from affordable worth to wonderful client care everything matters in winning customers. Approving within the age of technology, folks are additionally affected with smarter checkouts and faster service than with giant discounts. the general public can opt for a five-minute checkout over a five hundredth discount. within the current century, time is additional valuable than cash. Currently, you will surprise why discounts. Discounts are an additional way of thanking your customers than winning customers within the current era.

Now, what if you'll mix the evaluation methods and therefore the quicker checkout? that's certainly about to impress your customers. this is often why automation is vital in sales, retail, and others. during this diary, we'll check up on however you'll apply varied evaluation options in your purpose of sale with the Odoo PoS.

 Odoo PoS is that the new smarter and economical manner of managing your retail stores. You will additionally scan on a way to put together PoS in Odoo fourteen to own an improved hand on the module.

The evaluation options are often of varied varieties. It may well be a worth discount applied manually, a restricted amount pricelist, seasonal discounts, loyalty programs, and so on. A summary of applying varied evaluation methods on checkouts by exploiting Odoo PoS, Point of Sale.

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Odoo POS Manual Discount

For corporations that does not have any regular discount methods, it's higher to use manual discount methods. Within this case, it might be simpler for retailers to create a seasonal discount and tariffs. In manual discounts, you have the possibility to apply it to specific merchandise or an entire order.

Odoo POS Individual Discount

After launching the Odoo PoS session, you can add the merchandise from the list and modify the amount. Then we are able to click on the “disc” button to feature the discount on the merchandise. For this, you should, first, modify “manual discounts” within the Odoo PoS configuration of the running purpose of sale. within the image, you'll see that we've intercalary the discount solely to the whiteboard pen.

Odoo POS Global Discount

For international discounts, you can create changes within the configuration of every purpose of Sales. we are able to enter the Odoo PoS module and click configuration> purpose of sale. You are able to modify international discounts. To make a reduction product and choose the merchandise within the field provided. 

After the settings are saved run the Odoo PoS session, which can currently have a "discount" button within the request.

Orders that are allowed international discounts, add product-wise discounts if the Odoo POS “Manual Discount” setting is additionally enabled within the evaluation configuration.

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Limited-Period Offers

For limited-period offers and seasonal offers by exploiting the worth list feature. For this, we've to open the setting from the Odoo PoS configuration. Then modify pricelists. The two choices obtainable in tariffs are:

Multiple costs per product: you can produce a listing wherever individual merchandise can have a special worth from beginning date to finish date. Additionally set a minimum amount criteria if required.

Advanced worth rules: during this choice, we are able to produce worth rules rather than individual product worth configuration. we are able to opt to apply the worth rules on all merchandise or classes or bound merchandise or maybe variants.

Once the worth list is made, we are able to move to the configuration of individual PoS. From the individual PoS settings, add the default listing and additionally modify a complicated listing to permit seasonal discounts.

Once the worth lists are added, we are able to run the point of Sale session. You are able to check for the price list to be run on the request

This would apply the applicable discounts on the merchandise.

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Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are utilized by outlets to reward regular customers. It runs on a system of points and rewards. bound criteria are about on every request to come up with points because the criteria points are met, the client is rewarded with discounts, free merchandise, etc.

From loyalty programs in PoS merchandise, produce new programs or modify existing ones. Add the rewards and therefore the purpose rules for every loyalty program.

In reward, add the minimum purpose to qualify for this reward. And in purpose rules, confirm the purpose rules for the loyalty program to be applicable.

In the configuration of the individual purpose of sale, choose the loyalty program applicably.

Add the client and therefore the corresponding points generated are displayed within the request.

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Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo POS (Point of Sale)
Ismail Harake March 17, 2021
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