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Odoo Product Configuration
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Product Configuration

From multiple viewpoints, an artifact could also be delineated. Odoo Product Configuration measure as raw materials and distribute the product after production. 

In short, one thing which will be marketed to a vendee that fulfills the customer's basic needs or desires may be smart. 

The product management team of Odoo is powerful. By using,  product configuration characteristics like an emblem, product name, product kind, acquisition standing, stock standing, accounting revenues, and complications may be outlined by the consumer, etc.

Odoo Product configuration with several variants like color, scale, etc., you will be able to simply decide on a custom product.

The client could have some suggestions concerning the color, size, etc. Which will be organized with the merchandise configurator whereas buying a product. To modify the merchandise Configurator from the settings initial.

Sales > Configuration > Settings > modify Product Configuration > Save.

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The 'Odoo product configuration' permits the merchandise attributes and facultative product to be designated from the sales order itself.
From the sales module or purchase module or from the inventory module, a product is also created. Through the sales module, let's produce a product.

Sales -> Products -> Products -> Create 

Product Name: Here you will mention the name of the Product.
Can be Sold: This attribute permits the product to be hidden from the sales list. To delete a product from the list of sales product, uncheck the 'Can be Sold' icon. Raw materials or merchandise for internal use is certain goods.

Can be purchased: You'll be able to mask the product from the checkout list with this tool. To delete a product from the buying object list, uncheck the 'Can be Purchased' icon.

Product Type: The kind of goods is that the initial field within the tab for general detail. There are primarily 3 product types: expendable, Service, and goods Storable.

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1. Expendable Goods - Odoo Product Configuration permits merchandise with ample stock to be used as merchandise. Users mustn't handle inventory for this kind of goods, like the on-hand and expected amount of things so this stuff is purchased from the merchandiser and shipped to customers while not interruption and uncertainty.

2. Service - whereas service isn't content,' service' is regarded by Odoo is good. once the corporation offers your purchasers some reasonable service, the service product configuration is put in. This doesn't exist in producing activities and it's so unimaginable to store services as a stock. 

3. Storable Product - Storable merchandise is handled by inventory and, so as to stop the scarcity of product provides, it's necessary to preserve the availability of product mistreatment rearrangement laws. If the rearrangement rule isn't set, associate alerts are created that at the instant of shopping for or creating a quote, it doesn't have enough stock.

In the Variants column, variants are also adscititious. 

There are six totally different versions with legs and color characteristics for this item 'Customizable Desk' here. 

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In the 'Point of scale' tab, you'll be able to add the point of scale usability,  even if you wish to watch the things, you'll be able to set the traceability by lot/serial range beneath the 'inventory tab' the merchandise configurator helps North American country to gather all of the customer's preferences and choices and makes it easier to order from e-commerce if we have a tendency to permit them. 

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Sales > Orders > Quotations > create 

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You can currently add further things to your cart and store them. 

Here extra things are attached to the wagon, a conference chair, and assurance facility, they'll seem within the quotation.

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In the end, Odoo Product Configuration will allow you to combine and sell your products easier, as well as, provide the business an automated service. This process will not only improve your business but also make the business more efficient.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Product Configuration
Ismail Harake November 27, 2020
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