Odoo Product Packaging

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Odoo Product Packaging
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Odoo Product Packaging

Product packaging is an important tool for both the business and the customer. The corporation can lower shipping, delivery, and other costs, allowing products to be sold at a low-profit margin. It is worth the customer's money, and they have the option of receiving a discount. 
Three types of packaging are supported by the Odoo 15.

1: A single-item package

2: A bundle containing a variety of products

3: The package for delivery 

Odoo Product Packaging

Packagings are a grouping of related things that are packaged together and marketed as a whole. We can add packages by going to the Packaging section and selecting the Add line option. A new feature in Odoo 15 adds a barcode to each package, which can be used to identify products and track the movement of contained units via barcode scanning.
Let's make product packaging in ten-packs, eight-packs, and twelve-packs with the appropriate quantity. The pack of 10 included 10 items, the pack of 5 contained 5 items, and the pack of 20 had 20 items. 
When adding packaging, specify that it comes in packs of ten, including a quantity of an item in each pack, and specify the unit of measurement. A new feature added in Odoo 15 is a new field to check the fields 'Sales' and 'Purchase.' The check box indicates where these packages can be used. We have both sales and buy orders here, implying that the packaging can be utilized in both sales and purchase orders. This will provide you with more flexibility in purchasing and selling packages of items.

You can customize packaging by adding a package type and a barcode to each package. We can add packages of things to sale orders using this barcode. Save the modifications once you've completed all of the configurations. 

Odoo Products Packaging

Make a Sales Order for the same goods and select a customer to create the Sales Order. The Demo product can then be selected in the order line. A drop-down menu can be used to locate and select packages. 
We receive an alert message after selecting a bundle, instructing us to sell 5 units. After pressing the OK button, change the quantity to 5. Then we see a PACK OF 5 in packaging, and 1 quantity is updated in the Packaging quantity. The total quantity increases to 10 when the packaging quantity is set to 2.

Odoo Sales Module Product Packaging

The price is then immediately changed. Then simply confirm the purchase order. There are 10 products reserved in the Delivery section. 
For the product, we can create a Purchase Order. In the Odoo Purchasing module, create a quotation and include a seller and a Demo product. 
After that, we can choose a bundle. Following the addition of the package, a popup alert urging us to adjust the quantity appears, which we must confirm and authenticate. 

Product Packages

If a customer orders a large number of things, we can combine them into a shipping pack or box. These items in the box could be identical or dissimilar merchandise. It could even have product packets in it. All of the ordered items are packaged and sent to the consumer in a box. The concept of packages is used here. How the products are distributed in packages is determined by the number of items, their height, weight, and volume.
Packages can be enabled in the Odoo Inventory Module's settings' Operation section. Configuration > Preferences > Packages > Save.
Package types can be created under inventory > Configuration > packages Types once the packages have been enabled. 
Package varieties are defined by criteria such as height, weight, and length, as well as the addition of carriers. 
You can establish a new type by clicking the CREATE button. 
Fill in the fields with the delivery package type, as well as details like the package's maximum weight, carrier code, and package type. Add the length, breadth, and height to the size, as well as the maximum weight and carrier, if applicable. They must first be activated in the setup settings. 
We're going to make a new package type called demo box with a maximum weight of 100 pounds and include DHL as a carrier type. Go to Products > Packages to create a new package. 
Fill in the specifics with information such as the package reference, package type, shipment weight, company, and location by clicking the Create button. This is where you can specify the package type. Add the newly formed package type to the field package type. 

Odoo Inventory Module Product Packaging

In addition, the package can be disposable or reusable. When you add products to this package, the system will automatically determine the package's overall weight and include that amount as a computed value in our package. Let's make a sales order for a variety of things. APPLE, SHIRT, and PEN are three different products with multiple barcodes. In the delivery settings window, we can check the option to pack these items within the package. 
 Click on Save and then Confirm the order
A 'PUT IN PACK' button can be seen. A new package is produced and allocated to the destination package when you click PUT IN PACK.
These items have been incorporated into a new package. Changes to the package's destination are conceivable. These components can be included in the newly created package.

Validate the Sale Order after it has been saved. Packages is a new tab that allows you to see what's available.

These items have been included in the DEMO PACK bundle, as you can see when you check the package.
Later, the products might be supplied to buyers in a 'demo pack' parcel or box. In Odoo 15, this is all about product packaging and packages. 
Odoo Product Packaging
Ismail Harake December 9, 2021
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