Odoo Project Management Privacy

Odoo Project Management Privacy

The Odoo project management module includes a flexible workflow for planning, coordinating, defining positions, structuring programs, invoicing, and other activities. Along with these, it's still worth remembering that it has a high degree of privacy. 

In today's world, every system's privacy and protection are critical. The privacy protection scheme establishes who has access to and visibility about various programs.

This may be determined by the project's current status. These privacy guidelines can assist followers in recognizing the project's success as well as updating the project. The project transparency in the Odoo Project management module is split into three sections.

1. Internal users were invited.

2. Each and every internal customer 

3. Portal users as well as all internal users are invited. 

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When you start a new project or launch an existing one, you'll see 'Visibility' under the configuration tab. Create an Odoo project by going to Odoo Project Module> Configuration> Projects> Create.

Let's take a look at each visibility choice and how it affects project and job visibility for different users.

1. Internal users were invited.

When the visibility is set to 'Invited internal users,' only internal users or staff who have been invited to the project can see the project info. 

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In this case, I've set the project visibility to 'Invited internal users.' There is an area called "registered internal users" where the invited internal users may be limited.

As a consequence, only very few individuals have access to the project and its activities. The project's followers would also have access to the project's information.

The follower will be added to the 'Allowed internal users' list after you select a follower and save the update. 

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Marc Demo has been introduced as a supporter. When we save this update, the follower will be added to the approved users list automatically.

As a result, the project will be available to user 'Marc Demo' when he logs in.

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The “Allowed Internal Users” field in Odoo 14 is a new field that allows you to limit the invited internal users. We will delete the users from that area to discourage them from seeing the project.

Assume we deleted the user 'Marc Demo' from the list of approved internal accounts (but remember that he is a follower still). 

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We'll be able to save money. We can now log in as Marc Demo and see that the project is missing from his project summary. We may also use this function to monitor which invited users are able to access the project. 

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2. Each and every internal customer (Odoo project management)

If the access is set to 'All Internal Users,' any internal person in the business will see the project, even if they aren't the project's followers.

The exposure for the 'New Confidential Project' has been changed to 'All internal customers.'
And this project's only Mitchel Admin is a follower. 

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Not only Mitchel, but all of the company's workers have access to the project. Login as Marc Demo, a follower but not an internal customer. 

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He will also be able to project exposure.

3. Portal users as well as all internal users were invited.

When the project visibility is set to 'Invited portal users and all internal users,' the project is visible to all internal users and fans, as well as invited portal users. 

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Internal users Mitchell Admin and Marc Demo. This research has also drawn the interest of Marc Demo and Joel Wills because Joel Wills has been allowed to use the portal. 

As a result, three of them will have access to the project. 

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As a result, when we log in as Mitchel, demo, or Joel, the project will appear in their projects.
Let's pretend we're Joel Wills, a portal regular. 

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The field 'Allowed portal users' does the same thing as the field 'Allowed portal users'. That is, we can limit project visibility to a subset of portal participants.

Assume that portal user Joel Wills was omitted from the list of approved portal apps. Even if he is a project follower, he would be unable to access the project specifics in his portal. Joel Wills is also excluded from the list of 'Authorized Portal Users.' 

Now log in as Joel if you like.

As a result, the project's exposure is limited to him, and he is unable to view any project information in his portal.

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Odoo Project Management Privacy
Ismail Harake March 30, 2021
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