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Purchase Management in Odoo 14

Odoo Purchase Module

Any firm's supply chain is an unavoidable part of running a business. Every business operation requires purchase, which is part of the supply chain.

Each industry or company that deals with the delivery of services or products would have to deal with one of the two types of purchases.

The purchase may be for products, raw materials, stationery, machinery, or anything else. The purchase of various types of products or materials is necessary for the business to run smoothly.

A purchase order is the first commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller that specifies the agreed-upon price of the goods or services.

Are you a seller who isn't a manufacturer and deals with a lot of difficult-to-manage purchase transactions? Do you need to keep track of your purchase orders?

With the help of Odoo, you can now make purchase orders in an organized manner. Odoo is well-known for its robust inventory management capabilities, which make managing purchase orders in Odoo much easier.

Purchase Module Benefits

  • Odoo Purchase aids in the automation of all purchase-related processes.

  • Manages every detail 

  • Manages orders 

  • Quickly generates a quotation request 

  • Simple billing process

  • Payment and invoice management 

  • Manages every detail 

  • Keeps track of product inventory and purchases.

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Important Features of Odoo Purchase Module version 14

Request for Quotation

When a large-scale purchase is required to maintain raw material or product stock, the investor will request that the vendors submit a quotation for the item. The buyer will then be able to compare various quotes and select the most appropriate offer.

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A user can create a request for quotation (RFQ) in Odoo 14 with just a few clicks. This will assist you in requesting quotes from various vendors for the product or service.
The CREATE button can be used to generate an RFQ. The user will be required to enter information such as the vendor's name, purchase agreement, currency, order deadline, and receipt date, as well as product details and descriptions.
The user will be able to email the RFQ and print it out.
This feature will allow the user to confirm or cancel the order once the Quotation has been sent.

Purchase Orders

This feature aids in the creation and management of purchase orders. This procedure can be started after the quotation procedure has been completed.

Like any other module, the CREATE option is available here as well, and it can help you create a purchase order. It also allows users to provide information such as reference numbers, order confirmation dates, vendor information, and receipt dates. You can also add the company name, purchase representative, and next activity in Odoo 14.

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From the purchase order dashboard, you can also check the order's billing status.

Next Activity

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Odoo 14 has added new features such as the next activity, which allows users to plan and schedule future activities.

Communication with the Purchasing Representative

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The dashboard displays the purchasing representative's image, allowing you to communicate with them via a chatbox.

Purchase Agreements

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Purchase agreements can be created and managed in the same way that purchase orders are. An agreement deadline and the source document can be used to manage this. You can also include information such as the ordering date, company name, and reference number, as well as the contact information for the purchasing representative. The agreement's current status can also be found here.
The agreement will assist you in ensuring that the product is delivered on time and in good condition. It will also assist in clearing up any misunderstandings about transportation, delivery, and payment. The agreement can cover every aspect of the purchase.


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When a company is involved in the purchasing process, it will have to deal with a variety of vendors. With Odoo 14 support, managing vendor information and the vendor directory becomes a lot easier. Vendor details can be created in Odoo 14 and the vendor list can be viewed in Kanban and List views.
It can assist you in managing vendors and allowing you to add as many as you want. With the help of this feature, you can also remove vendors from your blacklist.

Product Management

It is necessary to manage products and services in a systematic manner. This will assist an organization in efficiently managing all tasks in order to ensure the organization's growth. You can manage products using Odoo based on their category, price, and location. The product's accessibility.

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General information on productions can be provided here, such as whether the product is storable or consumable, the sales price, the product category, and so on. It is possible to provide the version, tax details, and measurement units.
It will also aid in the management of invoices and sales operations. Odoo can be used to manage products for eCommerce, point of sale, and other types of businesses.

Product variant Management

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Color, size, material, and other characteristics of the same product may differ. All of these operations can be managed with Odoo 14. We have the ability to create new variants and manage product quantities. It will also assist you in determining prices for various product variants. You'll be able to forecast demand and manage purchase patterns with this feature.

Report generation

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Reports show how a company is doing in terms of growth and development. It allows the investor to get a quick overview of the business. With the purchase of Odoo 14, you can convert profit and loss, order details, average orders, total purchased orders, and many other statistical figures into graphic representations.

Vendor pricelist management

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When purchasing a product, you may encounter multiple vendors selling the same item. To get a quick look at the price and vendor list in order to compare prices and ensure the best value, Odoo allows you to create a price list. You can enter the vendor's information here, as well as the vendor's product name, code, delivery lead time, and other details such as product quantity and price.

Purchase agreement type Management

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Different types of purchase agreements may exist for a business. With the help of Odoo 14, you can quickly create this agreement type. The user will be able to create an agreement type and choose from a list of agreements. The contract can be for a single RFQ or multiple RFQs.
This feature also allows you to use lines of agreement instead of automatically creating RFQ lines.
With the help of this feature, the user can also select quantities. You can use the quantities for agreement or manually set quantities here.

Sets Units of Measures and UOM categories

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The user can create units of measure based on time, quantity, or size with Odoo Purchase. Weight, working time, distance, volume, and time can all be measured with this device.

Conclusion:Odoo Purchase Module

We all know that Odoo Sales and purchase management modules are crucial. These modules enable us to easily control the sales and purchasing departments, and we can easily manage our sales and purchasing objectives from quotations to product delivery and invoicing. Odoo's new version includes plenty of new features that can improve the functionality of any business.

If you'd like to learn more about Odoo and how to integrate it into your business, please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com. Our experienced Odoo consultants are ready to customize and implement the best solution for your business ensuring maximum leads, sales, and revenue.

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