Odoo Purchase Module

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Odoo Purchase Module
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Odoo Purchase Module

The method of acquiring content or a commodity from a retailer is known as purchase. When using Odoo Purchase to manage purchases and associated activities, we have a feature called Purchasing lead time.

We should think about lead time as an important factor in ensuring consumer loyalty. Though the lead time for purchases differs from the lead time for customers, the two are similar. Only if a client is aware of the transaction lead time would he be able to correctly set the consumer lead time.

Any change in the purchase lead time would have a significant impact on the consumer lead time.
It may also lead to frustration among customers. 

What is the concept of lead time?

According to Dictionary, "lead time" is "the time between the start and finish of some operation." Where it comes to buying lead time, it refers to the time between the sales order's initial lead time and the vendor's arrival of the items. We provide consumer lead time and production lead time in addition to purchase lead time. 

Why is it important to manage purchase lead times?

The time it takes to make a purchase is a vital element in handling all other facets of the company. We would be able to prepare to produce any product using the purchased content or to sell the purchased product effectively if we can quantify purchasing order lead time efficiently.

With the assistance of an example, this operation can be illustrated. Let's pretend we ordered a customizable desk on April 2nd. The lead time is 10 days in this situation. The stock will then be shipped to our warehouse on April 12th. 

We will better schedule our production performance and track the product arrival date to our consumers if we can quantify this lead period. Assume that on April 1, a furniture manufacturing company placed an order for wooden panels to make shelves. He is given a 10-day lead period. 

And he will figure out the total number of days needed for product distribution based on the product production schedule and his customer's position. This will undoubtedly assist us in ensuring customer loyalty and the customer will receive the goods on time. 

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Set up Purchase Lead Time sith Odoo Purchase:

We may use the Odoo purchasing module indirectly to allow the use of this functionality.
We must first construct a submission for a quote since the lead time is determined depending on the buying order. To do so, we must go to Orders > Request For Quotation (RFQ)

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In the RFQ we can make use of the Create Option. Azure Interior has been chosen as the vendor, and a cabinet with doors has been chosen as the product. 

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Options such as Order Deadline and Receipt Date can be seen in the screenshot above. The Receipt date refers to when the buyer should plan to receive the items. It's now time to look at the Product Page.

We've already chosen a cabinet with Doors as the featured product. However, we are unable to locate the delivery date alternative. We can do so by clicking the three vertically spaced dots on the right-hand side. 

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UoM and Taxes are allowed here, while Delivery Date and Analytic Account are disabled. To get this date under the product tab, we must allow the Delivery date feature. 

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Now that the option has been activated, we can locate the delivery date option. The shipping date is automatically created, and the receipt date is automatically applied as a delivery date. We've already agreed on a unit of measurement and a unit price.

The order deadline and receipt date are all the same in this case. We cannot find any lead time in the above-mentioned scenario. We must make the required adjustments in order to obtain lead time.

We can do this by clicking on the external connection provided next to the product name if we are familiar with the provider and the appropriate delivery time. 

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When we click on the external page, the product window appears. There are some tabs here, and we must choose the Purchase Button. 

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The given delivery lead time is 0. We can change the delivery lead time to 10 by editing this alternative. Now we must save and return the modifications to the RFQ. 

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However, there is no way to change the lead time automatically in this situation. Instead, we'll need to remove the product from the product tab and then re-add it. Let's wait to see what happens. 

The delivery and receiving dates have been changed in the image above. We have a simpler alternative in Odoo 14. Here, we can directly click on the Receipt date and change it using the drop-down display. We should update the date of receipt to April 12 in this section. The alternative Ask Clarification can be found on the next line. This allows us to give the vendor a response letter within a few days. 

This is a new function in Odoo 14, and in previous releases, we had to use the approach mentioned previously to set the distribution lead time. Furthermore, previous versions refer to arrival time as "schedule time." 

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We can save the changes and confirm the order after we've completed all of these moves. The RFQ will be updated to a Purchase Order until the order is authenticated. 

The RFQ has been translated to a purchase order, as seen in the picture below. And comes the wait for the purchased object to arrive. It's easy to set up a buying lead time. We will set up consumer lead time after we've set up the purchase lead time. 

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Odoo Purchase Module
Ismail Harake April 7, 2021
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