Odoo Purchase Module Multiple Vendors

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Odoo Purchase Module Multiple Vendors
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Purchase Module Multiple Vendors

The introduction of open-ERP software into the business world has transformed the way people deal with business-related activities into a more efficient and stable system that efficiently controls all business processes. Odoo is a management software suite that combines all of the tools needed to coordinate all forms of business activity within a company.  The dynamic modules in Odoo are a collection of sophisticated features that can be used by any type of organization to boost efficiency and improve performance. The Odoo ERP software will work as a companion or guide in your business program, assisting you in growing your company at all levels. 
The Purchase management module is one of Odoo's advanced modules, and it's critical for managing and organizing all of your company's purchases. To assure quality in the products and services you acquire from any vendor, purchase management requires the utmost care. Having a separate buy management system to handle all of your purchasing activities will help you in a variety of ways.
You must manage touch with several vendors while making purchases for a corporation. Configuring a vendor to the product is a necessary step before issuing a purchase order. You can quickly add vendors to a product and manage them when establishing a new purchase order with Odoo. 

In the Purchase module, you can easily add additional vendors to a certain product and form a new purchase agreement with them. Odoo ERP will make it easier to manage all configured vendors by keeping track of them in the purchasing module. You will be able to immediately configure the vendor to the correct product in Odoo ERP. 

Installing the Odoo Purchase module into your database is the first step in putting a vendor on a product. You'll locate the module in the Odoo Apps module, then after you've installed it, go to your Odoo home dashboard and select the Odoo Purchase module


Multiple Vendors

Let's have a look at how a new vendor for a product is configured. At the top of the dashboard, you'll find the key menu options such as Orders, Product, Reporting, and Configuration when you first open the module. Under the ‘Orders' menu, select the ‘Vendor' option. 
The module's vendor platform will display all available suppliers who have already been set to work with the module. You have the option of creating a new vendor for your purchase by pressing the ‘Create' button. You can make the vendor in the name of a firm or an individual. 
Add information about the vendor, such as their name, address, phone number, mobile phone number, email address, website link, language, and tags. You can enter the vendor's contact information in the 'Contacts & Addresses' section if they have more than one address. 
You must define the sales, purchase, point of sale, fiscal, and other elements under the ‘Sales and Purchase' page. 
Under the ‘Accounting' tab, you can get information about a vendor's accounting characteristics.
In the provided field, provide the vendor's bank account information as well as the account number. Mention Account receivable and Account payable in the Account Entries area.
In the field ‘Internal Notes,' you can write internal notes about the provider. You can define partner and membership data under the ‘Partner Assignment' and ‘Membership' tabs, respectively. After you've finished filling out all of the fields, save the new vendor information. The newly generated vendor will be automatically added to the Purchase module's vendor list.
You can link a vendor to a product in Odoo in two ways. Whenever you create a new product, you must fill out the purchase field manua with information about the provider. When you select this product for purchase, the pricing and seller information will be instantly linked to the product. Let's take a closer look at these two methods for configuring a vendor to a product.
A New Product
From the Purchase module's 'Products' menu, you can create a new product. Check out the blog, product variation configuration in Odoo, for more details on generating new products and product variants in the Odoo purchasing module. 
The area to define vendors will be visible under the ‘Purchase' tab when you are inputting product details. By clicking the ‘Add a Line' button, you can add a vendor to this product. You can include the product's price in the supplied field along with the vendor's information. You can add several vendors to a single product in this way. 

Creating a Purchase Order
When you create a buy order with a new vendor for the first time, the vendor you select in the purchase order is automatically linked to that product.
When making a purchase order, you must provide information about the vendor as well as products to be purchased from that vendor. To learn more about how to create a new purchase order in Odoo, see the blog Easily Create and Manage Purchase Orders in Odoo Purchase Module. The vendor indicated in the purchase order will be automatically linked to the product's vendor list when you save the purchase order and validate the purchase payment. When you use this method, the vendor contacts and price are automatically added to the product whenever you generate a new purchase order with a new vendor. As a result, many vendors will be configured to a product. To learn more about the configured vendors, go to the ‘Purchase' tab of a selected product.

By selecting the appropriate vendor, Odoo Purchase Module will allow you to change and delete a product's vendor list.
This is how Odoo Purchase Module assists you in both automatically and manually adding multiple vendors to a product. Using the simple procedures described in this article, you can quickly manage your vendor list in Odoo and add extra vendors to a product. 
Odoo Purchase Module Multiple Vendors
Ismail Harake September 21, 2021
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