Odoo Push notification Implementation

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Odoo Push notification Implementation
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Push notification Implementation

The marketing operations of a corporation ought to be in its full-fledged to realize customers and promote their business. With additional and additional competition arising within the market, the businesses ought to be concerned with the maximum amount as they'll within the selling operations. additionally, the implementation of varied methods and automation would return to the accessorial advantage of the selling aspects of the corporate.

 With the advancements in technology in communication, the selling methods have turned to the medical aid sector as they're low cost, reliable, and simply accessible to businesses.

How can Odoo Push Notification help?

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Odoo Push Notification is one of the foremost advanced and automatic ERPs out there within the market has expected the requirement for the assorted selling aspects to be performed within the digitals aspects of company operations like the corporate website and social media. 

Web Push notification, or Push Notification, measure the entity that has been used smartly within the selling setting. 

The Odoo ERP System provides the supply to line up the push notification, web push notification, for the corporate website, e-commerce platform, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
The notification ought to alert the shoppers on promotions, offers, discounts, clearance sales, new merchandise, and services, seasonal sales, and plenty of additional aspects of promoting.

How to wind Odoo Push Notification

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The push notifications in the Odoo ERP system may be organized below the web site module of the platform. below the settings menu, the user will alter the push notification choice, then the user is portrayed with numerous choices to put together.

The title for the notification may be provided in conjunction with the made-to-order description also can be provided. In addition, the delay of the push notifications to look once the client visits the website also can be nominative.

Moreover, the icon to be displayed in conjunction with the message may be uploaded within the variety of a picture from the device and may even be allotted to the push notifications message.

Odoo Web Push Notification

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Social media has become an inevitable part of human life and its ability to influence the choice of creating aspects of individuals features a serious result on them. 

Social media marketing is the new model of however promotions and advertising is finished during this era, most businesses have started implementing web push notification.

As Odoo is an all-in-one advanced tool that likes to stay up with the trends and changes in society the platform supports social media integration for corporate operations.

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The social selling application permits the users to make web push notifications for the selling aspects within the integrated social media. 

Below the module, the user will produce a brand new feed by choosing what's on the home page.

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The post for the corporate website may be enabled to support the necessity. A made-to-order message and image hooked up to the notifications may be provided. In addition, the marketing campaign for the operations in conjunction with the schedule also can be provided.

On the right-hand of the menu, the user will preview the push notifications message and examine however it seems on social media.

The web push notification details like notification title, target URL, icon image, and therefore the time zones of the notification to look may be organized.

In case the user must read the preview of the notification the user will choose the check notifications icon out there within the window.

Upon that the notifications square measure displayed as portrayed within the below image. this is often however web push notifications square measure displayed within the social media targeted.

Once the web push notification, or push notification, square measure saved and denote the standing of the push notification is modified in conjunction with the assorted good buttons depiction opportunities, revenues, quotations, and clicks which will be viewed which can direct the user to the various menu of the push notifications.

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Odoo Push notification Implementation
Ismail Harake December 21, 2020
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