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Marketing strategies of an organization should be developed and mature to achieve clients and advance & promote their business. With increasingly more rivalry emerging on the market, the organizations should be included as much as possible in the marketing activities. Also, the usage of different techniques and automation would go to the additional gain of the marketing aspect of the organization. With the progressions in innovation in hardware just as telecommunication, the marketing techniques have gone to the digitalization area as they are low-cost, dependable, and effectively available to the organizations.

Odoo Push Notifications.

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Odoo is one of the most developed and mechanized ERPs accessible & available in the market that has predicted the requirement for the different marketing angles to be carried out in the digitals parts of organization activities & procedures, like, the organization website and social media. Push Notifications are a concept that has been utilized vivaciously in the marketing strategy. The Odoo platform gives the service to set up the push notifications & message pop-ups for the organization's website, eCommerce platform, social media, like, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Adaptability is the best element of Odoo so it allows these push notifications to be modified according to the organization's likelihood or expectations. These notifications caution the clients on promotions & ads, offers, limits & discounts, blowout deals, new items and services, occasional deals, and a lot more parts of promoting & marketing.

How to set up Odoo push notifications?

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In Odoo the push notifications are configured under the website module of the platform. The user can enable the push notifications option, under the setting menu and can be represented with various options to configure it. The title for the notifications is provided together with a customized description. Moreover, the delay of the push notifications to pop-up after the customer or client visits the website, also can

be configured & specified. Furthermore, an icon to be displayed together with the message can be uploaded within the type of a picture from the device and can even be allotted to the push notifications message.

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Odoo Push notifications in social media

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Social media has become an inescapable piece of human existence and its capacity to impact the dynamic parts of individuals with a serious effect on them. Social media marketing strategy is the new model of how promotions and ads are done in this period of digital transformation. As Odoo is one of the high-level platform solutions which likes to stay aware of the patterns and changes in society; the Odoo tool upholds social media implementation for the organization's operations & tasks. The social media apps, like,  

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a lot more can be implemented & integrated with Odoo to blend with the marketing strategies.

The social media marketing application permits the users to make and post push-up-notifications for the marketing perspectives in the incorporated social media. Under the module, the user or client can make a news feed by choosing the alternatives accessible on the homepage and the user will be portrayed with the following window where the message pop-ups can be depicted. The post for the organization's website can be empowered according to the demand. A configured message and picture attached to the notifications can be given. Moreover, the marketing & advertising campaign for the activities alongside the timetable can likewise be given. On the right-hand side of the menu, the user can see the push notifications message and view how it shows up via social media.

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The web notification's details such as notification title, target URL, icon image, and the time zones can be configured.

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The user can select the test notifications icon available within the window just in case he wants to look at a preview of the notifications. Upon which the notifications are displayed as shown within the below image. this is often how push notifications are presented & displayed within the social media targeted.

Once the push notifications are saved and posted the status of the push notifications is modified alongside the varied smart buttons depicting opportunities, revenues, quotations, and clicks which can be observed and seen which will direct the user to the respective & following menu of the push notifications.

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The push notifications are an effective & dominant marketing feature powered by Odoo efficiently to deal with the promotional programs in social media.

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Odoo Push Notifications
Ismail Harake December 15, 2020
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