Odoo Rental Management

September 29, 2021 by
Odoo Rental Management
Ismail Harake

Odoo Rental Management

With the shifting business culture, the rental company is a potential one. Many industries rely on rental products to manage their operations rather than investing large sums of money in the purchase of expensive machines and instruments. Construction, agriculture, transportation, and a variety of other industries rely heavily on the rental industry to run their operations successfully.
This prevents businesses from having to invest in machine repair and maintenance, as well as hiring permanent workers to manage the equipment and building storage space for the items. Furthermore, it enables businesses, particularly those with multiple locations, to rent things from a convenient place. 
The rental business is improving in several countries, and they all desire a more methodical and integrated approach to operations management. For easy management of the business, proper channels for accepting rental bookings from clients, managing the pickup of rental products, and managing the return of rental products must be organized. This will assist the company in tracking rental products and managing orders depending on product availability. 

Odoo Rental Management is a product that may help you manage all of your rental-related operations in the most efficient way possible. An investor can use this application to manage rental orders and plan pick-up times.

Customers may quickly pick up things, and the rental manager can keep track of pickup and return times. It also allows us to reserve the item and have it ready for pickup on the specified date. The return status can also be observed, which will assist us in planning the future transaction. It also controls delayed returns and delay costs, in addition to assisting with goods returns. With the help of this instrument, the extra charges for later hours and days will be automatically added to the rental amount.  We must first generate a rental order with Odoo rental module order to coordinate pick-up and return. Let's look at how to make a rental management order and keep track of the pickup schedule.

Odoo Rental module 

This is the Rental Order page, where we can see the status of orders that have already been created. On the left-hand side, we can also check the rental status. The status can be viewed as confirmed, quotation, picked-up, and so on. 
We can now use the Create button to create a new order to see how to handle the pickup. I filled out the client information, invoice address, delivery address, expiration date, pricelist, and payment terms in this form. 
We must now proceed to Order Lines in order to input the product specifics. The order line can include the product name, description, quantity, unit of measure, packages, unit price, taxes, and discount %. The subtotal will be calculated automatically.

When I selected the rental product as Printer, a pop-up box appeared. 
Dates: From and to dates, or the rental time of the specific goods can be found here. The duration, amount, and serial numbers to be added can also be found here. The unit pricing was chosen automatically based on the price we set when the product was established. We can also discover a unit price per day underneath the unit pricing, as well as charges per extra hour and extra day. 
The product must now be added to the Order Line. We can see that the order line's details have been automatically filled in. After adding taxes to the sum, we can calculate the entire amount on the rental activity.
We may save the adjustments and then confirm the order now that all of the information has been included. 
Now that all of the information has been provided, we may save the revisions and confirm the order. 
Let's have a look at the changes that we can see after we confirm the order. We can pick up the product now that the order has been confirmed. The status on the upper right has been changed to locked, indicating that the product has been locked. 
We can now look at the Rental Orders page.bWe can also see that the Gemini furniture order has been locked. 
We must now unlock the order. When the order is locked, we can't change it or use it to accomplish the following operation. The Unlock button will assist you in doing so. 
We can also pick up the product by clicking Unlock. This time, though, the status is changed to Sales Orders. We can also generate an invoice, cancel the order, and sign paperwork. When we check the Rental Order page after unlocking, we see that the rental order status is confirmed. 

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Let's have a look at what happens when you click the invoice. A new window has been installed. 
We can select the invoice type, input the account information and taxes, and then produce the invoice. 
We arrive at this screen, where we must confirm the pickup.  
After that, we can proceed with the invoice payment as usual.

Changes we expect if we choose for Pickup? 

Here we can Validate the pickup order
The status switches to Picked-up once we click to validate.  

Odoo Rental module

We also set the pickup and return dates when we create a rental order. As a result, the consumer must return the merchandise before the deadline. The Odoo rental module will be used to manage this as well. 

We also get a popup to validate the operations when we click Return. The status of the return changes once it has been validated. After that, the status changes to Returned. 
The product status has been indicated as returned because we used the Return tab. The status change can be seen on the rental order kanban view page. 

This is how the Odoo Rental Module assists us in managing the rental product pickup and return. This application allows you to keep track of your merchandise at all times, and you can easily pick it up and return it with just a few clicks.

In our posts, we may go over the Odoo Rental module in further detail. We've previously written a number of posts about the Odoo Rental Module, which you can find on our website at www.erpxcloud.com. 
Odoo Rental Management
Ismail Harake September 29, 2021
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