Odoo Rental Management System

Odoo Rental Management System

With new businesses and services entering the market every day, demand for manufacturing equipment and services is at an all-time high. New and existing businesses are venturing into new sources of goods and services, and for economic and logistical reasons, purchasing and stocking every piece of manufacturing equipment or service is not feasible. For this, ‘renting' is a viable option. Today, a new market for the leasing of goods and services has arisen. The featured Rental module in Odoo v14 is a boon to businesses preparing to start a subsidiary rental company, as well as those who have already started one.

The rental module is a software application that can be used by any rental business The value of Rental ERP is rising in tandem with the demand for rental goods. The reliance on leased machinery and instruments is growing by the day, with the advent of a large number of business firms like the manufacturing sector, subcontracting groups, and others. Many businesses like it because they don't have to think about storing, maintaining, or repairing equipment and instruments. Furthermore, many industries, including agriculture, only need such instruments on occasion.

They would rather rent the equipment they would need for harvesting and other tasks. In such circumstances, a rental business will profit.

The growth of the rental industry is also aided by the advent of many new businesses that tend to spend less and rely on rented equipment.

If the entrepreneur uses an ERP solution to handle the activities, operating a rental business can be a blessing. Rental orders, tenants, rental invoices, pick-up times, and return dates can all be managed more efficiently with the use of ERP.

Odoo, the best ERP solution for the rental industry, has a dedicated module for handling all rental-related needs. Any rental business will thrive by coordinating all business-related tasks with Odoo. If you use Odoo, you can ensure customer satisfaction and proper management of rented goods. It also aids the company's multi-directional development.

The main benefits of the Odoo 14 Rental module will be addressed in this blog.


Order Management

With Odoo, a user can easily build an order. The user will only need to enter the customer's information, the invoice address, the delivery address, and the expiration date. Odoo Rental also allows you to specify payment conditions. It also allows users to add goods, as well as the quantity and unit price of such products. There is a special section for tax addition.

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Odoo also helps you to enter the information for the salesperson and sales team who will be handling the rental business. It also allows for the use of e-signature and payment for the rental facility. Odoo makes it easy to manage delivery dates and shipping policies.
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Customer Management

Customer satisfaction is a difficult challenge. Odoo provides you with all of the tools you need to satisfy and handle customers. A user can use an existing customer list and add new customers to it with Odoo Rental.

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Odoo will assist you in developing new customer records and categorizing them as individuals or businesses. The company's address and other information can be easily added.
It also aids in the management of opportunities and meetings with customers. In addition, the sale deal info, subscription management, and task and ticket management can all be completed in a few simple steps.
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Pick up and Return

Rental order pick-up and return management are vital to the company's performance. Since the delivery date must be carefully handled in order to gain the customers' loyalty, it is also important to return the goods on time. And then would a company be able to keep the same product's delivery date to the next customer. Both of these activities can be easily handled with Odoo 14 Rental.

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A user can display the pickup date and the status of all orders, as seen in the image above. A customer can also see if the product is due for return.

Schedule Activities

Odoo's schedule management is a critical function. It allows a user to plan out all of their rental business events on a calendar. This allows the user to see all of the rental orders and transactions in chronological order. It is possible to display and control the schedule for a day, a week, a month, or a year.

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Rental Product Management

A rental business would almost certainly have a variety of items. If a rental business firm leases out a conference hall and other facilities, they must handle the hall's rental operation as well as the goods and services provided inside the hall. A user can build and manage rental products with Odoo.

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Rental Report Generation

Odoo 14 Rental, like any other Odoo module, includes support for creating reports. Daily numbers, daily ordered quantities, daily picked-up quantities, and daily return quantities can all be used to produce reports. All of these metrics can be grouped by consumer, commodity, serial number, product type, state, and business.

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Conclusion: Odoo Rental Management System

Odoo is one of the best ERPs for running a business from a single platform, making planning, management, tracking, and conducting rental activities in the business activities much simpler. Users can use the platform to manage and schedule their rental business, as well as track the distribution of their products among different customers. The Odoo Rental Management System also allows users to charge customers late fees if they are late returning a product for more than the agreed number of days.

Odoo enables its users to operate their company's rental business in the most profitable and productive way possible, with all aspects of the business activities controlled and monitored.

Please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you'd like to learn more about Odoo and how to incorporate it into your business. Our team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and incorporate the right solutions for your organization to ensure optimal lead, sales, and revenue generation.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz March 29, 2021
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