Odoo Rental Schedule Management

Odoo Rental Schedule Management

Let's take a look at what scheduling is in general before we get into rental scheduling. Scheduling is a method of managing resources, sales activity, rental activities, and other data in a methodical fashion. This will assist us in managing workloads or balancing operations to guarantee an equitable distribution of labor or resources. 
This would also assist us in managing all requests or works while preserving service quality. It will also assist us in working in a more structured manner in order to manage all activities and guarantee that all team members follow the timetable. 

The advantages of scheduling are numerous.

Scheduling is a method for a company to gain a better understanding of its operations. It can assist you in managing demand for various products because we can recognize when demand is strong and when demand is low. Scheduling is a calendar function that helps you record all of your requirements, works, or requests on the calendar so you can plan properly. Scheduling can also assist you in managing various activities by allowing you to glance at the schedule to see all of the finished and pending procedures. It can also assist you in improving your business and saving money. We can quickly locate unplanned hours or products and take advantage of them. Furthermore, scheduling allows the entire team to participate in the activity while also keeping track of the business's actions.

What is the definition of rental scheduling?

The rental business entails managing a rental product and renting it out to consumers that need it. Because more and more businesses are hesitant to spend heavily in machines and equipment in the early stages of their operations, the rental industry is booming. The rental company relies entirely on the tracking of the picking up and returning of rental products, hence scheduling is critical.
Once a consumer has picked up a product, we can only plan another rental activity after the product's return date. If the goods is not returned on time, the manager must notify the customer, charge an excess cost, and take steps to get the product returned so that a client who has reserved the same product for a later date does not have to wait. 

Rental Module and Scheduling in Odoo


Odoo Rental is a rental module that provides all-encompassing support for all rental-related activities.

Similarly, it facilitates rental scheduling. We can schedule the rental pick-up, return, and other critical operations on the rental calendar, which will help us run the business more efficiently. This article will show you how the Odoo Rental Module may help you manage your rental schedule. Scheduling is an important menu option in the Odoo Rental Module. With the integration of the Odoo Calendar module, scheduling is now possible in Odoo Rental. By selecting the Schedule menu, we can quickly access the schedule page. As we have picked the schedule period as a month, we may get the rental schedule of my company for the month of June 2021. We can also book rentals for a day, a week, or a year.

Schedule Rentals for Year 
Schedule Rentals for Week
Schedule Rentals for Day
We'll acquire more particular information about the rental activity scheduled for the day if we shorten the rental schedule time. 
Rental Products
The schedule lists all of the rental products offered at our organization. We can only discover three things here because we only built three for the demo. The scheduled rental operations of each product can be found next to it. Let's have a look at the Projector Rental offering. During the month of June, we discovered that the same organization or customer had booked the product for two distinct periods. By moving our pointer over the timetable, we can see the specifics. 
The customer information and sale order number can be found here. The scheduled pickup date is June 12th, 2021, and the scheduled return date is June 16th, 2021. We can also set the status to Late Return. That signifies the merchandise was not returned on time after it was picked up on the planned day. As a result, the timetable detail is highlighted in red.
Azure Interior has made a reservation for the Printer, as shown in the image above. The current condition is that of a late pickup. Other sites can also be found in conflict messages. 
The following is a summary of the schedule page's main points. This illustration shows that the rental product Projector has two reservations for the month of June. We have tagged the product picked up on June 12 as a late return because it has yet to be returned. There are four appointments for Printer, all between June 18 and June 28.
However, no one has placed an order for the rental product meeting room. We may also see that Deco Addict is the company's most important client. We can also determine whether we can accept any new product rental orders on days when there are no bookings. Based on our rental orders, the booking data is immediately filled in the Odoo Rental schedule. When we mark the pickup and return status, the data is updated. 
What's the best way to plan fresh rental activities from here? 
There is an option to Add here. We can acquire a new rental order form by clicking this button, and we can establish a new rental activity. 
A new rental activity has been booked. I've chosen Azure Interior as the customer and Meeting Room as the product in this case. 
Let's recheck the schedule page.
Here is where we may find the new rental activity that has been arranged. We can also utilize filters and group by options for the rental timetable. Rentals can be filtered based on quotations, confirmed orders, to do today, late, and other factors. 
The filter is based on Lateness in this case. We can also group the schedules as shown in the picture. 
In the image below, I've organized the schedules by salesperson.
We have two salespeople, Marc Demo and Mitchel Admin, as we can see. While Marc Demo only received one order for the month, Mitchell Admin received four. 
Odoo Rental Schedule Management
Ismail Harake September 30, 2021
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