Odoo Runbot

March 22, 2021 by
Odoo Runbot
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Runbot

The Odoo Runbot is a server that hosts Odoo ERP editions and branches that have been installed. It's an open platform that anyone can use to run our test Odoo ERP's features. Odoo Runbot has almost all of the most recent Odoo builds, as well as production and testing versions. Testing is eligible for branches 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, SaaS, and master. If a user or developer is having trouble with Odoo, he should check it out in Odoo Runbot; if the issue is present in the Runbot environment as well, it's most likely a bug; if not, it's most likely a configuration error in his local copy. Runbot is used by Odoo partners to test the GitHub branches they've pushed

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Odoo Runbot's home page displays highlighted green (thumbs up) and red (thumbs down) squares to show whether a 'build' is working (green) or (red). 

Click the fast-forward button on the leftmost side to open the most recent build update. Click the blue-button in the rows to open the appropriate Odoo build edition.

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We will have two databases available: the 'all' database and the 'foundation' database. The'all' database will contain all of the modules as well as the demo info. No modules will be mounted in the 'foundation' database.

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Users may use one of the two credentials provided by Runbot to log into the database. 

Admin User:

Username/ Email: admin  

Password: admin. 

For Demo user:

User Name: demo 

Password: demo

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Odoo Runbot
Ismail Harake March 22, 2021
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