Odoo Sales Module (Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts)

Odoo Sales Module (Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts)

Odoo 14 provides a number of advanced tools dedicated to promotions, allowing you to conveniently handle and oversee Promotions activities.

In the Promotion function, the Module's highly integrated nature comes into play. For this feature, the Sales module and the Odoo PoS module work together. With Odoo Sales modules, you can create a seamless working environment. In just a few simple steps, you may create POS promotion coupons.
The sales module kicks off the procedure. To view your numerous product possibilities, go to your sales module and click on Products, then Promotions and Coupon Programs, as shown in the screenshot below.


To establish a new promotion program, select the mode of promotion you desire and then click Create. This will lead you to a configuration space for your new promotion program, as seen in the screenshot below. 

You can fill in the required information for your promotion program and then click Save to continue with the promotions. 
To establish a new coupon program, go to your sales module dashboard's coupon program and click Create to create a new Coupon promotion, then set your coupon as shown in the screenshot below. 

You can customize your coupon from here, and once you've done so, click Save to proceed. To continue, locate your Coupon on the Odoo Sales module Dashboard and click Save. You'll be able to generate coupons with the Odoo Sales module once you've built the coupon, as shown in the screenshot below. 
The Generate Coupon tab allows you to create any number of coupons, select the coupon creation type, and then click Generate to generate coupons.

As shown in the screenshot below, the dashboard will display the Coupon description:
After you've set up your program, go to your Point Of Sale module and click on your Shop to see the specifics of your coupon. Scroll down to the Sales Reporting area to see your coupon, as seen in the screenshot below. 
After that, when the cashier enters the details of the products that a customer has chosen, a pop-up message instructing him or her to input the Coupon code will appear, and the cashier will be able to examine the bill with the Coupon discount.
When the POS cashier gets to the payment screen, the Promotion program will be implemented automatically. And, as indicated in the screenshot below, the discount % will appear on the bill. 
When the consumer uses the coupon on a POS order, it will expire. Click on the coupon from the Promotion Programs tab of the Sales module, which will send you to another tab as shown in the screenshot below.
The highlighted box under Validity in the screenshot above displays the total POS orders used by the Promotion Program
You can also limit the number of orders that can be used. Then go to the odoo Sales module Coupon program's dashboard to print the Promotions coupon code. After all of the procedures have been completed, the Promotion line will appear on your printer bill, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

You can inform your consumer about the offer and the advantages of purchasing a product from you in the future. Because the POS and Sales modules are fully connected, you will have complete control over the two modules, and everyone from your executives to your cashier will be able to work together to produce a smooth and well-managed workflow. By conveniently browsing through the reports and with the help of the Executives, the sales staff can successfully manage and determine the amount of discount or the nature of your business promotions.  The developed report-based promotion, discount, or offer can be specified in the sales module and delivered to the POS module for further processing after setups.

It is critical to provide discounts, regardless of their form or duration. Discounts will assist you in significantly increasing your company's revenue. Odoo Sales Module provides a number of advanced tools that can help you run your business's discounting operations efficiently. You can set manual discounts on your products in Odoo.

If you infrequently utilize discounts, a manual discount may be the quickest and easiest solution for your point of sale. You can use this to apply discounts to a single purchase or to certain products within the order. To take advantage of the discount on a single product, go to the POS session interface and click the Disc button. 
To apply a worldwide discount to the entire order, navigate to the the Odoo Point of Sale module's Configuration tab, select Point of Sale from the quick drop-down menu, and scroll down to the Pricing choices, as shown below.

The discount is indicated as 50% here, and once you save it, a Discount button will appear on your POS interface. All you have to do now is click on it and enter the required discount.
To have time-limited discounts on your products, go to the Odoo POS Module's setups and click on Point of sales, then activate the Price list feature from the options. After that, choose the pricing list that you want to make in the POS module and define a default price list. To make a price list, go to the POS module, click on products, and then Create from Pricelist. You can customize the pricing list to your liking, including specifying criteria for using a given price, such as duration, minimum, quantity, and more. You can also choose whether to apply discounts to specific products or the entire range of products.

You can have the most advanced features for carrying out Point of Sale operations in your organization with the help of the module. The module's comprehensive functionality, paired with the Odoo ERP system's highly integrated structure, make it the most complex tool available. 
Odoo Sales Module (Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts)
Ismail Harake September 20, 2021
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