Odoo Settings Module

Odoo Settings Module

Odoo is a complex business management system with cutting-edge features and tools to help you run your company more efficiently. You can be confident that the settings on them boost the effectiveness of the Odoo system, and you can uncover many amazing methods to use your Odoo system more efficiently in business management because of its feature-rich nature.
Odoo's General setting functions more like a module. The Odoo Settings Module's General Settings is a sophisticated tool that allows you to access more features and permissions of the Odoo modules, as well as gain a better understanding of the Odoo system. 

The Odoo Settings Module's general settings tool is more than just a standard software settings tool; it's a powerful and effective tool for increasing the efficiency of your Odoo system. The basic settings mainly allow you to manage your Odoo's setup as well as Modules. Despite the fact that each Odoo module has its own configuration settings, the most complex tools are found under the General settings. Individual modules can be selected from the list on the left side of the Odoo dashboard, and the system will lead you to the module's settings, where you can change your module. The screenshot below depicts Odoo 14's General settings. 
You can see the Modules on the left side of the dashboard and adjust any of them by clicking on them. The configurations for the Sales module in Odoo 14 are shown in the screenshot below. 
The different setup choices of the Sales module can be seen in the accompanying screenshot. You must realize that your module's functionality is determined by the parameters you pick or click in the General settings. For example, if you want the pricing lists to appear in your Sales module, you must specify it in Of Odoo's General settings, and the Price lists will appear in your Sales module. As a result, it's critical that you go over the General settings carefully before moving on to the Modules. To have a more productive and active engagement with your modules, clean up the settings of your modules. Some of the Modules' functions are intentionally disabled, but you can enable them in Odoo's General settings. Because of the importance of the business procedure, the purchase module in general settings requires a more intensive treatment; for example, if you want to activate the purchase approval in your Purchase module, you must click on the purchase order approval as shown in the screenshot from Odoo General settings below.

To activate the Purchase order approval, click the empty box next to it. This will further link the Approval module with the Purchase module, and the feature will be available on your Purchase module immediately. You must go through all of the General settings of the modules and activate the necessary features for better workflow with Odoo as an administrator or business owner. For much better working efficiency, it is advised that you comprehend Odoo's General settings. It will also enable you to access and enjoy Odoo ERP's advanced features. 
The accounting module is one of Odoo's data-rich modules, and in order for the data to match your business, you must adjust the module's preset parameters to your data management convenience. The Accounting module is found in Odoo's General settings, as shown in the screenshot below. From the basic settings, you can adjust practically anything in the Accounting Module.
You can change the default settings and adjust them according to your company's or organization's policies. You may control how your module manages your data and collaborate closely with it.
Odoo's General settings can be used to access more complex Module functionalities.

As previously stated, for a fully integrated sophisticated Odoo working environment, some modules must be activated in other modules. 
The Approval module, for example, is deeply embedded into Odoo, but it requires your permission from the Settings to intervene in other Modules' procedures, and you don't always need to go to the General settings; instead, you can arrange this from the module's Dashboard settings. However, sophisticated users are advised to use the Odoo General settings. 

Odoo Settings Module 

From your Odoo system's Settings, you may essentially regulate the functioning nature and proceedings of a Module. If you want an even more advanced Odoo settings module experience and have prior knowledge with Odoo development, you may extend the Odoo Settings module by adding and customizing the default settings of the modules. Other Odoo modules have comparable functionality and integrations that must be enabled from the Odoo settings module. It is critical that you go through the Settings modules and study each one, selecting the choices that are necessary for your business, as well as the integration with external software such as Google Office programs, which can be done through the Odoo Settings module.
Odoo is a sophisticated business management software, and controlling and evaluating the General settings is required for advanced Odoo system usage. Individual Odoo modules have their own settings and functionality that must be enabled. 
To have a more in-depth look at each module, go to Odoo's general settings and select from the many options available in the settings module to activate various features and integrations. You can change the default data to your own or data that complies with your company's or business's policies. 
Odoo Settings Module
Ismail Harake October 4, 2021
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