Odoo Subscription Management

Odoo Subscription Management

Odoo Subscription-based goods have quickly become the most common commodities on the market.
Newspapers, magazines, recycling facilities, hospitality, and a number of other companies that offer subscriptions have all made billions in recent years.
Furthermore, thanks to digital technologies, businesses can now sell digital goods such as antivirus apps, programming tools, e-newsletters, and much more for a low price.  Odoo ERP, Odoo Platform

Furthermore, newer things such as e-books, e-newspapers, newsletters, and e-magazines can help the business move toward a greener initiative and a paperless establishment by reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth.
One of the main reasons for the subscription-based product's success in the world is the simplicity with which consumers can customize their goods and services.
Furthermore, they can buy goods or use programs depending on their budgets and the features they need. 

In addition, as compared to purchasing or managing these items on their own, the costs of subscription-based goods and services are smaller.
Furthermore, some aspects such as newly manufactured products such as newspapers, books, agricultural products, dairy products, and many others that can be obtained by subscriptions can only be obtained continuously without more effort.
Furthermore, consumers pay for goods and services in bulk, i.e. wholesale rates, rather than the higher retail rates. 

If not well handled and optimized in operations with dedicated management and functioning software, the company's Odoo Subscription Management operations can lead to a disastrous situation.
Today, with tools that will assist you in managing subscription program activities, you will be able to customize the functionality to meet your needs.
Odoo subscription management has a dedicated module for managing subscriptions for products and services used in the company's activities.
Furthermore, a module that works in tandem with other optimized Odoo subscription modules will serve as one of the most reliable subscription product management tools. 

The Odoo ERP has grown to become one of the most popular business management platforms in the world, with over 5 million users spread across multiple countries and continents.

This due to the cost-effective applications, dependable procedures, and user-friendly approach.
Furthermore, Odoo Subscription is built on a flexible approach to operations with dedicated modules in operations, allowing you to handle subscription goods and services in a separate module.
Here are some of the most important features of the Odoo subscription module that will help you run your business smoothly on the Odoo network. 

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Odoo Subscription
You can create any number of subscription products to operate on the platform. Moreover, you will be able to create the same product with the various subscription options and strategies for the customers to choose from. The Odoo ERP  platform that you have created at the instances can be removed, modified, and can be closed by providing a reason to be depicted to the customers. Moreover, you can create subscription-based alerts that can be sent to the customer as well as notify the marketing and customer support teams to contact the customers on the subscription expiry.

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The following image depicts the subscription products menu of the Odoo Subscription where all the new subscription products can be created and listed out.

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Templates for Odoo subscription

Various subscription templates can be described as operations in the Odoo platform, and these templates can be used to describe and customize various subscription items.
Additionally, you can build a large range of subscription templates by going to the subscription templates tab and selecting the create feature.
You will include the invoicing information, terms, and conditions relating to the subscription, and all other facets of it in the subscription template development menu, as seen in the following graphic. 

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Carry out CRM-related events for current clients.

If a consumer cancels a subscription package or is unhappy with it, you can contact them and find out why they are canceling and what can be done to change the product.
This can be achieved with the aid of configurable activities in the Odoo subscription module, which you can describe.
The activity style menu, as seen in the image below, allows you to identify the different subscription module tasks that can be scheduled for the client. 

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Review of Odoo subscriptions

Any of the best features of the Odoo Subscription are report generation and review, and the same facets can be found in the subscription module as well, where we can produce different quantitative and qualitative reports of the subscription products and services sold out in the business.
Furthermore, you can create reports in the form of maps, tables, and graphs using the different configuration options.
Furthermore, using the various default and configurable filtering options available, you can filter and group the appropriate data to be created as a report. 

Furthermore, the Odoo platform's subscription module provides you with a wealth of specialized operational resources to assist you with the handling of subscription items as well as business services.
Furthermore, since the module is directly integrated with the platform's distribution module, all sales activities for subscription products and services will be handled by the module.
The platform's accounting module, for example, is integrated to handle all of the company's financial activities dependent on subscription items.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Subscription Management
Ismail Harake March 25, 2021
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