Odoo Subscription Module

Odoo Subscription Module

All service-oriented businesses have begun to adopt the subscription business model. It has proved to be helpful to both consumers and service providers. In the service sector, the subscription model has proven to be extremely successful, and more and more businesses are embracing this model. The sales growth of subscription model businesses has been reported to be five times that of the retail industry and the S&P 500 over the last ten years.

The rise of the service subscription model is primarily due to the stability of businesses and the affordability of customers. However, we must give sufficient credit to the development of technology, which has stimulated the growth of this model. Subscription management software has been integrated into various ERP systems, enabling the coordination of subscription plans for various industries.

Businesses have discovered a way to stabilize their sales inflow by using the subscription model for their business, from education to home improvement. Subscriptions aren't a novel concept. We've all paid for newspapers, milk distribution, and other services for a long time. However, these were hyperlocal utilities, and handling them wasn't difficult. Most industries have a much wider reach than these small-scale services. It must be difficult to handle thousands of users and arrange their recurring bills.

The answer was undoubtedly technical infrastructure that simplified the billing, payment, and renewal of service processes. Most business management software and ERP allow for integration with most payment services, making subscriptions more convenient.

The subscription model has aided many industries, including the fitness industry, in advancing their membership programs to online mode, effectively turning homes into membership gyms, particularly during times of pandemic. Many companies have thrived in the changing world thanks to the income stability that these models offer.

Subscription plans have a psychology that favors retention over termination. We may enhance and change goods and services with more insight into customer behavior and preferences, resulting in higher customer retention. This can, in theory, result in increased sales. Aside from programs, the subscription model is perfect for customers who are uncertain about making a long-term commitment.

Customers may reduce their commitment by canceling at any time and making other changes to subscription plans, allowing them to jump into subscription plans without hesitation. Other sectors, such as fitness, camping, and even the fashion industry, have adopted subscription models.

Subscription modules provide access to a wide range of entertainment options. When you subscribe to an entertainment service like Netflix or Spotify, you have access to a wide range of genres, languages, and artists. The ability to configure the subscription plan allows customers to choose the plans that better meet their needs.

To run the subscription model effectively, you'll need a technical foundation that can deliver good functionality and efficiency 

Odoo is an ERP platform with different modules that are completely compatible with one another, as well as functionality and modules that can help you automate, monitor, and manage your business more efficiently and effectively.

In this blog, we'll look at how subscription-based service industries may profit from the Odoo Subscription module.

We will use a cleaning service for this blog.

Odoo Subscription

Subscriptions can be created as products in Odoo Subscriptions. The service can then be sold to customers as a subscription service. To start, download and install the subscription module from the apps store.

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After installing the module, you can use it to create new subscriptions.
We must first create a subscription template before developing subscription products in Odoo Subscriptions.
The validity of the subscription will be determined by the subscription templates or subscription plans. It might be by weekly, monthly, yearly, or something else entirely.

Create Subscription Template

Creating templates is the first step in configuring a subscription. These are the subscription plans we created to assess the frequency of recurring payments. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are two of the default templates provided by Odoo Subscriptions.

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From Configuration -> Subscriptions Template, we can add new templates or edit existing ones.
The invoicing period can be changed, and the length of recurrent invoicing can be set to either indefinitely or for a specific time period. Let's pretend we're starting a weekly cleaning service for 20 people. By setting the period to 20, the customer will be invoiced every week until 20 services have expired. We can also offer the customer the option of canceling their subscription. We can save the template once all of the fields have been filled in.
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We may establish & create terms and conditions for the subscription plan to explain payment, refund, and termination policies, among other items.
There's also a Health Check tab, which lets us set filters to see which subscriptions in the template are in good health based on our criteria.

Subscription Product

We can build and add a subscription product to the module once the templates have been configured. The Subscription Products menu is found under subscriptions. We can create new products here.

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Products can be created, but we must be careful when selecting a product category such as service. Also, make sure that the purchased option was deselected when making the product.
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We can then go to the sales tab and turn on the subscription product option. Select the product's subscription template.
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This is how subscriptions are set up for the first time.
Create a quotation.
We can create subscription product quotations from Odoo Sales once the products and templates are configured.
Create a quote after adding a subscription product to the product list.
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The quote can be saved and emailed to the client.
Quotation to Sales Order
When the customer accepts the quote, it is converted into purchase order (sales order). A new subscription tab appears in the sales order after the subscription is produced. As a consequence, we can handle subscriptions from the Sales module.
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Managing Subscription

We can see the details of the subscription created once you open the subscription tab. We can close and upsell the subscription. From the other information tab, we can also allow To Renew.

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  • Subscription upsell: We will generate a new quote for a new subscription plan and send it to the customer for approval. To obtain a deeper understanding of upselling subscriptions, read on.

  • Renewal of subscriptions: We will renew existing subscriptions at the end of their term, allowing the customer to continue with the subscription.

  • Terminate subscription: In Odoo, subscriptions may be canceled by either the customer or us. We will be asked to have a justification for canceling the subscription when we do so. The customer will be prompted in the same way. Subscriptions -> Configuration -> Closing Reasons is where we will set the closing reasons.

Conclusion: Odoo Subscription Module

A customer can easily manage subscriptions for his products using the Odoo Subscription module. The subscription business model is one in which a customer pays a monthly fee for access to a product at regular intervals.

In Odoo, we can easily handle a variety of utilities and service plans. The Odoo subscription module allows you to monitor and operate subscriptions in one place, from making schedules to confirming sales orders and billing services. The module allows you to handle subscription sales in the same way as you would any other product.

Please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you'd like to learn more about Odoo and how to incorporate it into your business. Our knowledgeable team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and execute the right solution for your business, ensuring maximum leads, sales, and revenue.

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