Odoo Timesheet Module

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Odoo Timesheet Module
Ismail Harake

Odoo Timesheet Module

The Odoo ERP software enables an investor or manager to keep track of all actions performed by his employees or subordinates by creating a timesheet. With Odoo support, you can easily manage the time it takes to complete a specific operation.

Setting a target in Odoo allows you to get a quick look at an employee's time usage. A timesheet can be used to keep track of details such as the employee's position and the server number. In the timesheet, the total number of working hours, effective working hours, and other details are automatically entered. With Odoo support, you can easily calculate the total working hours per week, hours per month, and the average effective working hour per day.

It is also possible to compute the total number of hours worked by all employees on a given day. This allows the manager to compute the exact amount of time needed to complete a task. Timesheets can also be used to guarantee effective job planning and staff distribution.

Odoo Timesheet Module Overview

Work-hours segmentation


Odoo Timesheet assists in the division of total work hours into various segments. This feature makes it simple to calculate the amount of time spent on various tasks. All timesheets can be used to accomplish this. If a marketing executive spends time in the office and on the field, he can divide his time into office, fieldwork, and meeting hours, for example. With Odoo, he can easily control the efficient use of his working hours.

App for Timesheets


Odoo, the finest ERP supplier, has also released a timesheet application for users. The Google Play Store is where you can get the app. Anyone can use the app to schedule their time. When you're not connected to the internet, the app can assist you work. It allows for data synchronization and retrieval. 


The Odoo time tracking app is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you keep track of your employees' hours. The app is accessible from any device and allows for round-the-clock monitoring. Another essential feature of the software is its capacity to provide support even when it is not connected to the internet. It allows you to work from any location. Even if your employee is working from a different location, the work hours will be updated. The offline support is beneficial. The program can also be used to create a daily schedule. There are numerous activities that might be listed. Each activity can have its own timetable. It is also possible to generate an alert when the task is completed or when the time period has expired.

Double-check and validate the timesheet


Odoo aids in the verification of working hours. A timesheet can be used to verify the number of hours worked on different days and the total number of hours worked. Validation might be carried out for one week or one month. This allows the company to calculate salary payments and increase working hours.

The timesheet can also be used to verify the work center's working hours. This can help to increase work center capacity and reschedule working hours.


Employee Timesheet

The timesheet is used to generate reports on each employee's working hours and to calculate the employee's productive hours. If the effective working hours are reduced, employees can be notified. Furthermore, the employee can create a work schedule and work to accomplish the assignment according to the plan. An employer might also assign a time plan to boost a team's productivity.

Creating Reports


One of the key characteristics of Odoo Timesheet, like every other Odoo Module, is its ability to generate reports. The time it takes to complete a project and the time given to complete a project can both be easily reviewed. The timesheet will assist the manager in adjusting the required time based on the employees' performance. Odoo Timesheet can also be used to create timesheets based on tasks and billing rates.


The essential features of the Odoo Timesheet Module have been explored in this blog. These functionalities can be connected with various Enterprise Resource Planning Software for better time management with the help of an ERP specialist. Accounting, payroll, school management, and other ERP applications work nicely with Odoo timesheet. This software's key selling point is its ability to work both online and offline.


A full study of the uses of Odoo Timesheet may be found in a separate blog. This blog attempts to highlight the important elements of timesheets that may be applied to a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, service, consulting, and other industries.

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Odoo Timesheet Module
Ismail Harake January 3, 2022
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