Odoo Tools for Productivity

Odoo Tools for Productivity

No business will shine without a productive work base. Productivity needs us to form the most effective of our time improve most results with minimum effort. we tend to all need improve output. the primary step to increasing output is certainly to maximize input. however, we have a tendency to see within the world of competitive operating that not all input is ideally changed to the helpful output.

A lot of effort gets wasted in structure work. The thanks to improving productivity are certainly by increasing the potency of the multiple processes that run a business. A business method involves an economical link between product, employees, and customers. each business functions to achieve their product to the shoppers. counting on the business the merchandise might be the sturdy and non-durable product, services, experiences, and so on.

A productive business would have an honest flow of products to customers with growing revenue and profit. this can be potential through the workers and management who are able to deliver to the shoppers whereas achieving and guaranteeing the standard of their product.

Productivity will increase once the individuals concerned are proud of the results. From the worker to the client, all classes ought to be glad. The key to the present is worker satisfaction and motivation. A clean and clutter-free work setting is that the beginning of relieving the workers of the initial stress. Organized and economical management of the workplace matters helps the worker feel a lot of relaxed concerning their part of the work.

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Employee time management is additionally key to increasing productivity. As management, we will continuously make sure that the worker doesn't ought to stress and waste their time on surplus body tasks. as an example, automatic filing of invoices would relieve the involved worker of the concern and may refocus his attention to the opposite task that needs a lot of customized attention. of these little changes within the structure, activities can sure replicate major changes within the productivity of the corporate.

Improve potency: Prioritizing tasks and managing task time could be a great way to boost the efficiency of the organization. we will break down comes into tasks and assign time and priority for every task. this is able to facilitate the workers to structure their work and stay targeted.

Delegate roles: we will delegate the multiple roles within the company and assign individuals to blame for comes, departments, and teams.

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Select the proper tools: Having the proper tools for work is incredibly vital for our staff happy. Even the exceptional repairman reaches his best solely with the simplest tools. Having to waste time on menial tasks could be a large productivity killer. several firms have touched to economical ERP software package, however even while selecting them we have a tendency to should watch out to decide on those best suited to the wants of our services and staff

Positive reinforcement: keeping the workers intended and inspired through personal incentives for employment well done. this is able to encourage staff to deliver a lot of.

Provide support and find feedback: make sure to concentrate on the workers and also the shoppers. perceive the wants of the workers and conduct surveys and feedback sessions with each the workers and shoppers to access our relation with each team.

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Maintain smart communication: it's vital that we have a tendency to maintain a system of excellent communication among the workers further because the varied units of the organization

The Odoo tools are developed to make sure the economical performance of a corporation by transfer the assorted units of an enterprise along. By synchronizing the assorted wings of a business, Odoo ERP ensures increased performance. Odoo tools are targeted on varied aspects like user expertise, sales, operational potency, and improved productivity.

The user expertise is increased through websites, blogs, forums, and live chat among others. The modules facilitate to development of a side that connects well with potential customers and shoppers. whereas the sales modules manage the sales facet of the corporate like making quotations, invoicing, and managing the shoppers. Through advanced client pipelining the Odoo CRM helps track the leads as they're reborn to loyal customers.

One of the foremost agitating aspects of running any business is that the operation, "Accounting, project management, purchase, producing, then on will be a couple". The Odoo offers minimalistic apps that provide hassle-free management of all operational aspects as well as field service and help desk.

The fourth facet that the Odoo tools specialize in is productivity tools. These are additions to the assorted management tools within the operations and particularly hr. we'll have a fast summary of the productivity tool offered by Odoo ERP.

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Communication Apps in Odoo ERP

Choices for cluster and personal chats that enhance communication at intervals with the team. The app is integrated with all modules and that we will keep a talk running whereas in operation on any module.


This module lets us manage and assign time for varied tasks. The mobile app lets us manage time on the task where we are. The worker time may be tracked and managed to investigate the tea progress. You can conjointly read billable times and invoices to the purchasers with timesheet entries.

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Odoo Social Media

You can manage all our social media accounts and posts from the module. It's integrated with email selling, SMS selling, and website.

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Odoo Email Marketing

Design mail templates and builds mailing campaigns with the module to enhance the selling. scan Email selling and campaign in Odoo ERP for a stronger and elaborate plan regarding the module.

SMS selling

The selling tool may be accustomed send text messages to the contacts of the corporate. The selling module is additionally integrated with the automation module.

Marketing Automation
The app lets us automatize Marketing campaigns with mass mailing, SMS, and server action.


The app lets us produce surveys that may be shared simply and to induce insights on company performance. we will produce feedback forms, satisfaction surveys, and even live sessions with the app.


The approvals modules allow us to manage the worker requests. we will read all requests at one purpose, assign approvers, and with efficiency manage the approval request. we will conjointly produce the request kind supported our company needs.


With appointments, managing conferences is simplified. The programming method may be automated. The app lets us customize our appointment type and conjointly permits rescheduling with the module.


The documents app is that the inventory of our structure documents. It lets us even integrate with the e-mail entryway. The app is our beginning to travel paperless. The app cuts down heaps of your time in document management.

The planning app lets us produce and communicate the shifts and schedules for the week to the staff. Through the worker portal, the staff will assign themselves to open shifts.

These are the productivity tools offered by Odoo ERP. You can explore the assorted apps offered by the package from the website and install the apps that are needed for our business desires.

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Odoo Tools for Productivity
Ismail Harake March 10, 2021
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