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Odoo v13


Odoo ERP System is an all-in-one management software, that is easy to use and provides different modules that accommodate different businesses' workflow. Both, the software and the modules, are integrated with one another, this will help measure the growth of your business.

Odoo was founded in Belgium, by Fabien Pickaers in 2005.

​​​​​​​​​​Odoo's mission, "Our mission is to help companies grow. We want to unleash companies' potential by empowering users with tools they love." ​

Fabien Pinckaers, CEO & Founder

​Throughout the years, Odoo was able to grow globally.​​

10 offices Worldwide
4 million users Worldwide
​850 employees
​2,57 Odoo partners from 110 Countries
​Odoo' present in 176 counties (Odoo partners up with IT solution companies to help implement Odoo)

​"Odoo helped me to manage all the company easier since we have better control of our processes and can see all company in one picture", Yariv Sade, CEO

Let's see How Odoo v13 works

  1. How to Create and Navigate your Odoo v13 Database

    Start by pressing "Start Now. It's Free".

Once you clicked it, you will be redirected to a list of applications that you can select and have installed on your database. ​​

Keep in mind the more application you choose, the longer it will take for your database to be created, and You have a 15-day free trial.


You will need to provide your

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Company Name

  • Phone Number (​Optional)

  • ​Country (Choose the country your company is associated with) If you don't it will affect things like your chart of accounts for your accounting application

  • Company Size 

  • Language 

  • Primary Interest

Once you click "Start Now", Odoo will start creating your database. 

Note: Statement will appear above the applications, "Activation Pending", you will need to your email address and click on the activation bar Odoo ERP system sent you, in order to activate the full trial version, if you DON'T the trial version will not be activated and you will have only 4 hours of activation and after that, all the data will be erased.

Edit Company

  • Go to ​Settings

  • Users and Company, and then Click on Companies

​Click on the company name you want to edit, then click "edit"

To add your logo, click on "​Your logo​", on the top right of the square

And you can add any other general information, ​for example, the company address.

​Then you can save the information you added.

Add Users:

  • ​Users and Companies, ​then click on ​UsersOdoo database

​Your user account will be added by default​​

​To Add or create a new user, click on 

  • Create

  • Type the name of the person 

  • Add their picture, ​if you have their employee picture ID

  • ​Email Address

  • Job Type

    Or any other additional information you require

​You can also manage the User's access rights, in order to prevent users from accessing data unrelated to their work.

Once you have created and saved the new user, an invitation email will be sent to their email address. The user can click on the invitation email and create their own password, and right the information 

Go to the dashboard, ​Settings Dashboard button​, you will see that you have an invitation pending.

How to add Demo Data?

Demo Data is used for training purposes

You can create data whenever you want, but to start training on the database, you can click on demo data and all the applications you have installed will have demo information, for you and your team to practice on. This training will allow new employees or users, to discover the functionalities of Odoo v13.

"The Demo Data should only be used on test database because once they are loaded they cannot be removed"

​At the bottom of the page click on "Activate the developer mode". ​The Developer mode will give you some more possibilities that you don't have in the standard view.

Once the developer mode is activated, you will be sent back to the main dashboard, click on Settings

​The Developer mode will have some extra fields. ​​

Click on any application to see the implemented demo data.


  2. Navigating Your Odoo Account

​This is the main dashboard, of your Odoo v13 Database. Here you will see all the applications you have installed. To access additional applications, click on Apps. 

The clock icon provides you with all the activities you have planned for you or your team.

The conversation icon allows you to create a chatbox. There you will be able to invite the user or the team to a conversation. 

The tools icon, if you click on it you can download Odoo Studio.

Odoo Studio is an intuitive user-friendly app builder with Drag and Drop blocks, making it easier to create an app with or without developer skills.

The Last icon on the top right, is where you can access your username and:

  • Documentation will redirect you to the Odoo.com documentation page

  • Support, where you can contact Odoo Support

  • Shortcuts option

  • Preferences, you can edit your current information

  • Your Odoo.com Account, you will be redirected to the Odoo login page

  • Log Out, where you can exit your Odoo Account.

Odoo v13 was created to improve and help businesses grow and reach the Owner's goal. The information, previously mentioned was the tip of the iceberg. Odoo has more than 10,00 apps in its Odoo Store, with an average of 12 new apps released every day. With this kind of help, your business can be monitored, improved, and reach your target audience.

For any additional information, on how to manage small or medium businesses using ERP, Contact Us, here at ERP Cloud we can provide you with cutting-edge solutions, like ERP, Inventory Management, CRM, Sale, etc and also provide a Free Demo solution for your business.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo v13
Ali Atwi August 10, 2020
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