Odoo Whatsapp Integration | Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM Integratewith Whatsapp

Odoo Whatsapp Integration | Odoo CRM

We all know how social media is being used in our everyday life by all of us. Mobility is something that we have adapted to make data easy to access. If they are updated about their everyday jobs easily through a text message or with one click, everyone would love it. For easier operation of companies, Odoo, an Open-Source ERP, can be incorporated with various 3rd party solutions. At ERP Cloud, we thought about integrating Odoo with Whatsapp, the most common messaging chat app, to make information exchange and feedback management faster and more efficient.

The most popular messaging app is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries, according to Statistics. Today, there is a huge number and companies that are using WhatsApp as a tool to boost customer loyalty and enhance their customer service dramatically. 

WhatsApp enables organizations to contact leads immediately, build positive customer relationships and optimize connectivity However, it will be difficult to handle all your WhatsApp accounts as your company expands, to keep track of contact, and exploit it to gain a competitive advantage.

Odoo WhatsApp integration with Odoo CRM at this critical period will save you from a lot of trouble, improve team efficiency and help streamline communication with various stakeholders. 

So, are you ready to take a look at how it can revolutionize your business by integrating Odoo CRM with WhatsApp? We're going to start!

WhatsApp Notifications For Odoo CRM 

In order to get all your WhatsApp notifications right in your Odoo CRM, you need to streamline your workflows with WhatsApp and CRM integration. In this day and age, companies are still trying to maximize their time management,

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so it is very counterproductive to turn multiple software. In addition, by integrating WhatsApp with Odoo CRM, based on your contact with the prospects on WhatsApp and using CRM for workflow management, you can easily adjust the status of leads and cases.

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Pre-defined Templates For WhatsApp Messages

By using pre-defined templates, you can get more accomplished in less time with Odoo CRM and WhatsApp integration. Simply build and save sales message templates in your Odoo CRM to deliver them, with just a swipe, to leads at various stages of the sales funnel. In addition, by using the pre-designed templates in your CRM, you can provide a quick response to all customer queries via WhatsApp.

Control All Odoo CRM Modules to Send Messages

Odoo CRM, being versatile with a highly user-intuitive interface, makes sending WhatsApp messages from all CRM modules ease. All you need is Odoo WhatsApp integration with Odoo CRM, as this will allow you to include all of WhatsApp in your customer database. In addition, according to your business functions, you can also customize Odoo CRM to meet your business needs and fully redesign it.

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Bi-Directional Data Sync with Odoo Whatsapp Integration

Users will use bi-directional contact synchronization and fast access to data with WhatsApp and Odoo CRM integration.  Now, the leads you have contacted over WhatsApp calls or chats in your Odoo CRM do not need to be inserted separately. The Odoo CRM and WhatsApp will automatically update all your contacts.

Register and Maintain WhatsApp Records

You can customize Odoo CRM to create a call module and manage all your WhatsApp records to fully optimize Odoo WhatsApp business integration with Odoo CRM. This will allow users to make and receive calls directly from the CRM to their WhatsApp contacts, ensuring smooth communication with customers.

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Track Communication Through Odoo CRM Reporting 

Usually, it is difficult to keep track of your communication via WhatsApp for leads and customers. Users can leverage comprehensive reporting and dashboards in Odoo CRM by Odoo Whatsapp integration to gain a full view of all their business contact, keep count of customer queries, open customer service events, and resolve customer cases to provide the best customer experience.

Effective Sales Follow up

Integration of Odoo CRM with WhatsApp helps cultivate leads by sending product details, brochures, photos, and videos seamlessly from your mobile phone to your contact database on the go. 

With automatic WhatsApp messages, right from your Odoo CRM, follow up with leads in an effective way. For example, you can cultivate the lead after lead generation by sending appropriate product images and keeping track of all contact in your Odoo CRM.

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Get Instant Feedback From Customers

Provide clients with a seamless experience and turn the customer service with the integration of Odoo CRM and WhatsApp. By fetching the database from Odoo and sending out links with feedback on their WhatsApp numbers, it helps you to get instant feedback from customers.

Centralized WhatsApp Lines

It is hard to keep track of their success with various team members using their personal WhatsApp accounts to engage clients and respond to their queries. You can deliver a centralized WhatsApp line to all your team members with Odoo WhatsApp Integration in the CRM. 

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This will keep all team members on the same page to ensure that they are updated with various customer complaints and in optimum time have the best solutions. In addition, in your customer activities, this will centralize all business contact and drive productivity.

In the below images you can see two message examples sent from odoo CRM to customers:

Order confirmation message sent from Odoo through WhatsApp.

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Invoice paid confirmation message sent from Odoo CRM Through whatsapp.

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Conclusion: Odoo Whatsapp Integration | Odoo CRM

Odoo Whatsapp Integration for Odoo CRM is the best bet with the growing competition and the consumer expectations for customized experiences. This will help streamline customer interaction, respond immediately to all customer requests, collect input from customers, nurture leads, and play a key role in making customers alive. 

ERP Cloud is a company of Official Odoo CRM Experts. We are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs, including Odoo CRM migration, customization, integration, and support. To get a quick Demo, Feel free to contact us now at sales@erpxcloud.com. We'll be eager to help you!

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz February 2, 2021
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