Odoo Zoom Integration

Simplifying Meetings Management with Odoo Zoom Integration

Odoo Zoom Integration


Odoo  Zoom Integration is a connecting bridge between these two platforms, as the name implies.
The goal is to reach out to those who use (or want to use) Odoo and want to book and manage Zoom meetings all from the same solution / ERP.
Odoo already has a meeting scheduling capability, however, if the meeting/call will take place in Zoom Meetings, the user will need to create meetings in both systems and manage reminders and other details separately. Managing meetings separately on both platforms is now an unnecessary effort that we are eliminating here with our integrated solution. 
In other words, this integration allows customers to continue using Odoo while using an in-built tool to manage their appointments and reminders.

This module is compatible with all major Odoo versions, including Enterprise and Community. If you wish to use the Zoom Meeting account within your Odoo ERP, you'll need to conduct a certain one-time setup. In terms of functionality and setups, we'll have a lot of information regarding this integration. Let's have a look at what this solution has to offer. 

The Most Important Functions

        1-Odoo & Zoom Integration are directly integrated.

        2-Linking your Zoom ID to an Odoo user is a one-time configuration.

        3-Meeting scheduling and management functions are simple to use.

        4-Meetings established in Odoo can be managed in Zoom ID as well.

        5-The participants were emailed invitations and reminders.

        6-Week, Month, and Year views are accessible on the calendar.

        7-Recurring Meetings with a variety of recurrence choices

        8-It's possible to set up multiple Zoom IDs. 

        Simplifying the Planning and Management of Meetings

        The ultimate goal here is to make the way we work with meetings on a daily basis more simple. When you have all of your resources in one place, creating and managing meetings isn't nearly as time-consuming. As a result, our Odoo Zoom Connector saves the extra effort required to move between Odoo and Zoom. It's possible that you want all of your reminders in Odoo, but all of your meetings to be planned in Zoom. So this is an example of how Zoom-Odoo Integration might be useful. It's also not as simple as scheduling a meeting in Odoo and having it appear on Zoom. 
        However, this integrated technology also aids in their management. When it comes to the availability of attendees/participants, scheduled meetings can occasionally clash. In these situations, it's critical that a system also allows us to handle meetings.
        Managing planned meetings is mostly about getting any meeting altered, although these edits could include any of the following.
        -Attendees to be re-invited

        -Invited guests can be added or removed.

        -To add/remove or alter the meeting's recurrence

        -To alter the planned meeting's recurrence type 

        Also, to make any other changes to any of the scheduled meetings. The Odoo Zoom Integration is the finest in terms of making managing your calendar, which appears to be full with scheduled meetings, simple. As previously stated, Odoo has its own calendar management system, but the Odoo Zoom Connector makes it possible to have the same information displayed in your Zoom ID. In brief, you don't need to handle numerous calendars on different platforms, but if you use Odoo and Zoom independently, you should absolutely use this combined module for operational convenience. 

        Odoo Zoom Integration Module 

         Connecting your Zoom ID to your Odoo User is a one-time setting. With Odoo, you can create a meeting that will be reflected in Zoom ID. 
        Once you create the meeting, it can be accessed from both platforms, (Odoo and Zoom).


        Since 2013, ERPxCloud has been an official Odoo partner and has executed over 100+ Odoo projects for our clients all around the world. We customize and develop Odoo modules to meet specific business needs, ranging from high-volume manufacturing to stand-alone modules. We provide our clients with high-quality information technology and software solutions all around the world.

        We have worked with Odoo from version 6 to version 15. Our team has already begun integrating Odoo 15 software for one of our clients – Over 100+ Odoo implementations in industries including manufacturing, trading, eCommerce, and others.

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