Odoo’s Inventory Management Solution

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September 25, 2020 by
Odoo’s Inventory Management Solution
Ismail Harake

Inventory management enables you to control & oversee order inventory, storage & stock, and also the sale amounts per product.
Being a business or a warehouse owner even if you are running an online shopping store, keeping track of your products making sure you have enough quantity of every single item especially if orders start to stack up, and start to upsell even have back-orders can be time consuming and tough to manage. A logical yet insightful solution for such stressful situations would be an inventory software that warns when certain Items are going low, or better even, a software that allows you to reorder those items automatically updates your product stock regularly and tracks inventory movement with every order.

There are many Inventory Management Software on the net. But what makes Odoo the best in the biz is the ability to customize their solutions according to any specific required need of every customer, from the checkbox to building the module itself from scratch.
Odoo's Inventory Management solution systemizes and simplifies the whole process in the purpose of syncing your inventory in real-time with recent sales and also improve all internal and external operations.

In the manufacturing industry, Odoo Inventory Management efficiently collaborates its working right from creating a bill of materials, streamline work-order as well as miscellaneous documents pertaining to production activities. The most important feature that takes the Odoo Inventory to the next level from other proprietary software is that it can be customized using various plug-ins improving the system’s functionality. 

The features of Odoo Inventory Management:

Keeps tracking the incoming and outgoing inventory within the small-medium enterprises.

It efficiently manages the inventory by eliminating the possibilities of the overstock of the products.

It organizes data by taking the necessary details from various stored resources.

Controls the processing time by automating the inventory transactions improving transparency in all business operations.

Efficiently organize warehouse via a smart double entry inventory system ensuring efficient stocking method and improved internal operations.

Drafts delivery order in simple steps and also effectively manages the incoming shipment details and inventory counts (cycle counts).

Manage the multiple locations, packing on the basis of barcodes, efficient scrap management, stock transfer option etc.

Unload incoming material and transfer to outbound gates with no storage in between.

Manage overall warehouse within the same system.

Maintain purchase order propositions based on supplier leads and other inventory forecasts.

Track expiration dates on products.

Create custom barcodes with specific codes to implement features like promotions.

In the latest feature of this solution, Odoo made some updates to it, there are as follow



New view for forecasted stock, which helps to easily find stock moves impacting your stock.


From product views, click on Forecasted smart button and directly see over a certain timeline the actual forecasted quantity.

Update Quantity/Inventory adjustment
Click on the Update Quantity button or On Hand smart button in product form.

From here edit On Hand Quantity.

Or directly go to Inventory Module, Then Reporting -> Inventory Report
Select your product and edit inline On Hand Quantity.

Inventory Adjustment

​Here is an option to adjust the default stock to on hand or default stock to zero.
Click on the Start Inventory button:​

​Edit the Counted field and it will automatically calculate the difference. Then save your changes.​

​You can edit again stock values by clicking on Continue Inventory Button.
Then finally click on the Validate Inventory button.​

​Edited lines show here. You can also print an Excel report of the lines by clicking the download icon on the left side.​

Serial Numbers Mass Assignation

​Fast serial number creation in Odoo 13.

​This is a Receipt order for a serial number product.​

Enter the First serial number and Number of serial numbers, Then click on Assign Serial Numbers.

​Just copy and paste serial numbers and then it automatically creates serial numbers.

Inventory Valuation

In Odoo 13 Inventory, go to Reporting ->Inventory Valuation

The company name also is shown in inventory valuation.
Click on any product, you can see a new form view. Further details about inventory value will be shown here.

The stock move of the product shows here.

​Click on Inventory at Date button to filter by date.

​After that you can select the date, then inventory valuation at a specific date will shows.

Every valuation increase or decrease is logged!

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo’s Inventory Management Solution
Ismail Harake September 25, 2020
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