Optimize Your Business with Odoo ERP

Optimize Your Business with Odoo ERP

Work from home is here to remain and it's time that every one corporation adapt to the new work culture. whereas heaps of firms had integrated work from home to their worker weeks, the sure thing of the work from house is a recent amendment, attributable to the pandemic. The pandemic affected the economy, faced large challenges and therefore the coronavirus has proved to be here for a protracted time. With the extent of the pandemic, we tend to were pushed to new work cultures that didn't falter at the pandemic restrictions.

Work from home has proved effective in not compromising the productivity of the businesses whereas achieving adequate safety measures for the health and well-being of the staff and customers. Restructuring your business to economical performance throughout and when the pandemic may be quite useful in increasing the profits of the corporate. A long structural amendment that foresees each offline and online business management is capable face any changes that the longer term holds.

A lot of management changes will go a protracted means in creating your business to take the reign and work well, within the probable contactless future. The few things that are most likely here to remain from each worker finish and client, finish are:
1) Work from home.
2) Contactless delivery.
3) Paperless documentation so on.

Odoo Sales Module

The Odoo sales module is intended for economical communication. It opens the likelihood of simple communication of quotations to the prospects via email and client portals which supply access to customers. The electronic Signature and electronic Payment feature may be enabled within the configuration to permit digital transactions and authorization. we will additionally integrate with on-line platforms like eBay and Amazon by putting in connectors.

Odoo Invoice Module

This module lets us convert sales orders to invoices in a very single click. we will share an equivalent with the purchasers. we will email the invoices to purchasers as Pdf attachments.

Odoo eCommerce and Odoo Website

We can produce our own eCommerce website with the Odoo Website and Odoo eCommerce modules. With shipping and payment integrations, the eCommerce website is bound to win the market within the post-pandemic era of growing eCommerce sales.

Implement Odoo to work from home

Work from home is the massive shift in a very space that the pandemic brought with it. Remote operating has been slowly gaining momentum pre-pandemic, however pandemic pushed us all into the remote operating culture. heaps of firms struggled to adapt to the present amendment and had to compromise significantly on their productivity. whereas the infrastructural challenges were the foremost vital in third-world countries, others found challenges in organization and management.

Managing and human activity with the various units of the corporate, currently functioning faraway from the well-oiled machinery of workplace space is definitely a challenge. transfer along the multiple families that have currently taken the form of home offices for certain would have its own considerations. the assorted apps provided by Odoo helps to facilitate this shift to remote workspaces. From communication to worker time management, Odoo will assist you to manage the workspaces expeditiously from anyplace.

The following Odoo Modules are necessities in figuring out an economical management system within the pandemic world. These also are gonna be the requirements of the longer-term once we carry with us this new work culture to the post-pandemic world.

Odoo Discuss Module

We can produce multiple channels that aid communication between people and departments or groups. the staff will either send individual messages or communicate with the groups and teams within the company. The discussion module in Odoo can keep the staff connected and facilitate brainstorming concepts as a team. staff stay updated and advised with the app. this may be important in connection the affiliation between the staff whereas operating faraway from one another. we will weigh down the alienation of the staff and keep them intended through an honest communication app.

Odoo Planning Module

Create and communicate the schedule with the staff with the Odoo Planning module.

You can outline the roles and manage the shifts within the module. The schedule will then be communicated with the staff.
HR Management
The one department that struggles with work from home is the hr department. From managing the group action to planning conferences heaps happens underneath the 60 minutes department.
The 60 minutes modules that are necessary to organize us to work from home

Odoo Employees Module

It centralizes all worker info and helps simple info access. the worker info together with departments, managers, and structure hierarchy may be uploaded within the worker module. This may be the one-stop for all employee-related info.

Odoo Attendance Module

The Odoo Attendance module tracks the group action of the staff. It helps analyze and review the group action of all the staff of the organization. we will enable staff to sign on with an assigned pin code. this is able to enable staff to sign on to figure from anyplace with their system.

Odoo Calendar Module

The calendar module may be accustomed produce and schedule conferences and appointments with the staff and customers. we will produce a replacement meeting from the calendar module and add attendees.

We can set notifications to inform the staff of the scheduled meeting. this is able to make sure that the staff doesn't miss out on meeting where they're.

Integrating with Appointments we will schedule individual appointments with staff.

Online signature and online payment are the longer terms transactions because they would scale back contact. The pandemic has left America beat reluctance to form any unnecessary contact. This has notably semiconductor diode to heaps of companies to avoid contact in linguistic communication documents or in creating transactions. several delivery partners have fully withdrawn the pay on delivery possibility and have shifted to digital payment. With the Odoo Sales module, we will enable online signatures from the configuration.

Odoo Documents Module


The Odoo Documents module allows us to shift to paperless documenting. although it can not be thought-about a virus amendment, we tend to as an environmentally acutely aware society are taking steps to revert the mistakes of the past. Moving to a paperless surrounding is one step nearer to mistreatment technology to cut back the strain we tend to impart on the surroundings. With the Documents module from Odoo, we will be a locality of this alteration.


Odoo ERP was created to help businesses adapt to any situation that might affect the business negatively. In addition, Odoo ERP has multiple modules that are specifically designed to help the business grow, improve, and connect all the different departments. Odoo has a large number of modules that were designed and programmed to help business owners overcome their weaknesses. The list mentioned is only a small group of modules that Odoo has in its inventory. 

As an Odoo partner, ERP Cloud LLC has access to all the Odoo Apps that you need to choose from in order to overcome in order to grow, and improve your business. If you require any additional information you can schedule an appointment with us or click on the chatbox for a faster answer.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Optimize Your Business with Odoo ERP
Ismail Harake February 18, 2021
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