Optimize Your Sales Management for any Crisis Using the Odoo ERP

Optimize Your Sales Management for any Crisis Using the Odoo ERP

Several start-ups and IT firms are facing issues due to layoffs, and valuations will fall in 2022. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising oil prices are among the key drivers of the market catastrophe. According to a London Market Research analysis, we should predict a fall in the worldwide game market. Similarly, other fields in the IT sector are poised to collapse in the following days. It has a significant impact on organizational sales growth, and businesses must combat this inflation with the help of a competent ERP. To fulfill company standards, sales functions become virtual, and sales play a vital part in market leadership. Using Odoo ERP, you can manage your company's sales concerns and prepare for a crisis.

This blog discusses a sales management strategic plan for any crisis using Odoo ERP.

The Odoo 15 Sales module allows you to designate business sales tactics to specific teams. In order to establish a sales strategy and guidelines during a recession, a company must embrace new tactics. You must present the company's products in a unique way to customers and make them easy to purchase. All of this is properly managed in an organization by utilizing the Odoo 15 Sales application. Let's look at a few methods for planning sales management using Odoo ERP in inflation.

It is simple to form a sales team for your company.

A sales team is a group of employees who sell a company's services or products to customers. They must satisfy a company's sales targets in order for the business to develop, and managing the sales staff is a risky undertaking during an economic slump. You may rapidly allocate tasks to a sales team inside Odoo 15 Sales by clicking on the Sales Team option in the Configuration feature. The Sales Team window provides access to all of your company's existing sales teams. Select the CREATE icon to generate sales tasks for a new sales team, as seen in the screenshot below.

By enabling the Pipeline option, you may input the name of the Sales Team as Product Sales and manage the pre-sale process through opportunities in the new window.

As demonstrated in the screenshot above, users can designate the team to a leader via the Team Leader field. Members can be added to a certain sales team by clicking the ADD symbol underneath the Members page, as shown in the screenshot below.

After inputting information about your Sales Teams, click the SAVE icon. The Sales Team window provides access to the formed sales team information such as team leader, alias, sales team name, and firm.

Manage Customer Sales Orders in Odoo ERP

During a recession, most businesses struggle to generate customer sales orders. The information about a customer's ordered product assures that a document available on the seller is a Sales order. A sales order contains several parameters, such as item quality, price, and quantity. You can widely maintain a sales order to your customer in a business within the Odoo ERP. As shown in the screenshot below, you may enter the Orders menu from the Odoo 15 Sales module, and all produced order lists are available here.

We can create a new sales order by clicking the CREATE button, as seen in the screenshot above. A new window displays, allowing you to select your Customer for the Sales Order.

After entering the customer's information, enter the validation date in the Expiration box and the confirmation date in the Quotation Date area. Users can pick the product Bolt by clicking the Add a line button beneath the Order Lines tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

To process your new sales order for a customer, click the SAVE icon. As a result, during inflation, you may swiftly produce sales orders for items or services in a company.

Sales analysis based on your customer orders

You may improve your business during inflation by evaluating sales. The Sales menu is accessible via the Reporting tool, and a graphical representation is displayed. As shown in the screenshot below, the X-axis indicates the Order Date, and the Y-axis shows the Untaxed Total amount.

Using the MEASURE button, users can apply several measures to the graph, such as Margin, Total, Discount, and more, as illustrated in the above example. It is simple to examine your company's annual sales growth using Odoo ERP's reporting tool, and companies can obtain help evaluating sales success by implementing Odoo during a recession.

Create Products and Price Lists for Commercial Sales
Products provided to customers are an important component of sales production. During an economic slump, most purchasers opt for high-quality, low-cost items. As a result, enterprises should concentrate not just on product costs but also on customer behavior. We can manage product details in your system by operating an ERP. Odoo ERP is an efficient approach to manage raw material data in your firm. Selecting the Products menu in the Odoo 15 Sales module displays a list of all products, as shown in the screenshot below.

To create new product data, click the CREATE button in the Products box. As seen in the screenshot below, you may add the Product Name and image to the right end of the new page.

We put information about the Flowerpot product here, and you can specify the price in the Sales Price area underneath the General Information tab. Within the Products pane, users may also handle Purchases, Inventory, Accounting, Attributes & Variants, and General Information about products. A Pricelist is defined by the most recent price for services or items offered to clients. Within the Odoo 15 Sales module, we may establish different pricelists for products, which is useful during a recession. To create a new pricelist, users can access the Pricelists menu from the Products tab and select the CREATE icon.

We can quickly alter price rules, settings, and currency while establishing a price list.

Conclusion: Optimize Your Sales Management for any Crisis Using the Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP ensures that users prepare sales management for their businesses amid periods of inflation. The Odoo database allows you to precisely establish products and sales orders as well as assess sales value over a year.

ERP Cloud LLC, an Odoo Certified Partner, offers a variety of Odoo ERP services, including Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, and Odoo Integration, based on individual business requirements.

Our specialized team of Odoo professionals is ready to create and implement the best solutions for your businesses to achieve maximum outcomes in terms of leads, sales, and money.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz September 13, 2022
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