Phases of Odoo Implementation & Development

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Phases of Odoo Implementation & Development
Ismail Harake
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Phases of Odoo Implementation and Odoo Development

Odoo ERP is one of the world's largest service providers for enterprise and resource planning. A modern generation platform d built from scratch came into existence. Making it the market's most innovative and modern ERP solution. Initially from Europe and to the neighboring continents, Odoo's success spread worldwide today, Odoo ERP has been used in nearly 120+ counties around the world and has over 5 million users that differ in business sector and levels of service.

The Odoo ERP is enterprise software that offers the business owner the ability to manage all business operations from a single platform. In addition, the open-source software is versatile and entirely customizable to the very end, enabling the user to manage the company's operations in Odoo in alignment with their terms of operation. In addition, the platform is intended to provide a unified business approach management with central inventory operations and a centrally controlled database to handle the sharing of information and communication aspects of the organization. Furthermore, the framework has a modular approach to business management and its activities, providing the user with defined working modules identified as application-specific operations. 

This blog will offer a view of the aspects of Odoo's implementation and development. 

In this fast-moving period of digital transformation, ERP implementation in businesses is said to be a major stem and need of the hour to handle the operations of businesses. Implementation of ERP could be more expensive and could provide you with promising results both in the company's short and long term. Your first step in coping with the implementation of Odoo is the decisions you have taken to move on with the implementation of Odoo. 

Here are the elements that will be followed when going through Odoo's implementation and development.

Phases of Odoo Implementation and Odoo Development:

Requirement analysis

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The Odoo implementation concept or organization you have approached would initially evaluate the business organization's needs. This will include the study of business running, operations analysis, in-depth leaning on various criteria, routine process testing, and many more categorizing vital and non-vital operations. In reality, the feedback from the users and indeed the employees of the platform will be addressed as they are the ones who understand the needs and requirements of working in the organization.


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Once the specifications of the platform and the configuration are evaluated, the development team will proceed with the platform building process. In addition, this will be conjured on the basis of the needs and necessity decided upon by the customer and would be specified for the customer side under the budget allocation. The hosting aspects and additional add-ons needed 

will also be taken into account, which also adds up to the price of the Odoo.


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After the platform has been developed, the intensity of the various parameters as well as the high reliability & system stability of the platform will be subject to numerous tests. Moreover, it will be done to function in the business with a harsh environment and operating criteria. If the activity fault is found, it is subject to development and is corrected to be usable in the live environment.


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It should be optimized to be usable in the organization once the system is ready. The functions of the system are designed here to interact with the Odoo platform. In addition, the operating settings and the functioning of your business organization's platform should be configured and made accessible to staff and users.

Data migration

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It is essential to import the company's data that was already in operation to the platform to integrate with the platform. This is critical because while functioning, business organizations would continue to look back on past statistics, data, charts, and maps.

User training

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As the Odoo model has been successfully adopted & implemented, the use of the platform should be trained in both the practical and brief technological aspects to be operational. It comes under the responsibility of the user's training session for the developer to have a view into the platform's function continually before and after training.


The business activities of any enterprise can be easily streamlined by ERP. The information discussed above will allow you to pick and configure the ERP modules and also provide an indication of what to understand during the implementation and development process. Choosing suitable ERP modules and competent vendors would certainly lead the company towards progress, based on the organizational requirements.

Odoo implementation can be achieved in and around the world through Odoo accredited partners. ERPCloud technology provides services such as Odoo development, implementation, customization, migration, support, and maintenance, as one of the best Odoo perfect partners, and we have outsourced developers to you to introduce Odoo in your business.

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Phases of Odoo Implementation & Development
Ismail Harake January 4, 2021
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