Product Variants & Manufacturing Orders

June 5, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan

How Odoo 17 helps manufacturers create, configure, and produce product variants, keeping things smooth and productive.

Manufacturers create different versions of a product, like different sizes or colors, all under one central hub. This keeps things organized and efficient, so you can focus on what matters most.

Odoo 17 lets you define these customizations as "attributes," like size (small, medium, large) or color (red, blue, green). Think of attributes as building blocks - you choose which ones apply to your base product, and then specify the options for each. This lets you create a variety of t-shirts without having to manage them all as separate items 

Create a unique "recipe" for each variant, called a Bill of Materials (BoM). This list details exactly what's needed to make each version. Since each variant might need different things, this customization is key. But with so many moving parts, planning becomes crucial. Odoo 17 helps you streamline this process, ensuring you have the right amount of materials at the right time. This keeps production flowing smoothly, minimizes waste, and gets those finished products out the door faster to meet customer needs

How to leverage the features we discussed to create a smooth and efficient process

Odoo 17 lets you use a single Bill of Materials (BoM) for multiple variants as long as they share some components. This streamlined approach keeps things simple and efficient, so you can focus on what you do best: making great products.

  • By activating the Variants option, you'll unlock the ability to create and manage product variants within Odoo 17.

  • Create or edit attributes

  • Customize the attribute

  • Apply created attributes to specific variants of a product

  • Apply Bill of Materials (BoM) Components to Product Variants

With its powerful tools and flexible configuration, Odoo streamlines your operations, eliminates unnecessary complexity, and lets you focus on what matters most

Rasha Al Haj Hassan June 5, 2024
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