Project Management Privacy

with Odoo 14
December 11, 2020 by
Project Management Privacy
Ismail Harake
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This tutorial will help you create and secure your projects:

Go to Apps and then in the search bar write Project

App > Project

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Go to Project > Configuration
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Project > Create

Invited internal users

If the visibility is set as 'Invited internal users', the project information can be acquired only for the internal users or the employees who have permission to access the project.

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The followers of this project can access the project details.

Once you add a follower and then save the change, the follower will be added to the 'Allowed internal users'.

Marc Demo is added as a follower. 
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And when we save this change, we can see the follower will be automatically added to the allowed users.

So when you log in to user 'Marc Demo', the project will be visible to him

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With Odoo 14 providing the new field to restrict the invited internal users is “Allowed Internal Users”.

We can remove the users from that field for preventing project visibility to them.

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Invited portal users and all internal users

If the project visibility is set to 'Invited portal users and all internal users', all internal users and followers and also invited portal users can view the project.

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Mitchell Admin and Marc Demo are internal users.

Marc Demo and Joel Wills are also the followers of this project.  

The three can have visibility to the project.

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Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services.
To be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

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Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Login with Joel
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When you login as Mitchel, demo, or Joel, they can have the project in their projects. Login as Joel Wills, the portal user.

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50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Project Management Privacy
Ismail Harake December 11, 2020
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