Pros Of Odoo eCommerce Integration

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Odoo eCommerce Integration

Handling a company's eCommerce website may be a challenge for different organizational managers. For timeless working hours, along with the configuration of different location-based attributes for each object, the task of manually updating the products and stock information could count. An automated framework for handling all eCommerce website operations would be a helpful tool for the company. A credible source for automating the company's processes is enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs). The numerous ERPs built were designed to provide management solutions for different aspects of the organization to the businesses.

It is often difficult to select the right solution that best addresses your business requirements with the availability of hundreds of vendor-based eCommerce solutions. 

Odoo is one of the strongest ERP systems available to run a company at the moment. The one-stop solution for all business needs is referred to be Odoo. The end-user would be able to monitor all facets of the organization from a single source, as the program runs from one platform. The Odoo software provides users the ability to control and track all facets of the organization, including transactions, sales, website management and creation with or without coding, HR management, inventory, appointments, etc., unlike other ERP systems. The software's additional customizability feature can still help users adapt and change the software to current business operations. In addition, with the aid of different custom made applications, the Odoo platform has the ability to interlink any form of existing systems available. Options such as importing and exporting Odoo files can allow users to migrate to the new Odoo platform the documents and knowledge available on the current systems. It could be more beneficial for users and customers to integrate the eCommerce website with the Odoo platform. With the support of different design elements available in the Odoo website builder, users will be provided with the provision to update and change the outlook of the website. It is easier to incorporate the eCommerce website when working in Odoo because the Odoo platform operates on the basis of interconnection with different facets of the business.

This blog will discuss how the Pros of Odoo eCommerce integration on several means of operation would help users and benefit businesses.

Pros of Odoo eCommerce Integration:

Data Redundancy

Manual data entry into the different facets of the organization, such as inventory, purchase, sales, respectively., can be time-consuming and will not be successful because of the different human and technical errors that can be caused. In Odoo, if integrated with Odoo, all the information given in the inventory, sales module, and warehouse descriptions would be automatically listed on the website. There is no risk of knowledge being lost.

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As in the eCommerce module, the description and information will be auto-updated in the inventory sales and the purchase modules.

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The Odoo eCommerce integration for the website will serve as a one-stop solution for the management of sales orders, inventory management, goods, categories of products, customer relations, e-learning, forums, and blogs. 

Since Odoo software runs on one platform, it is possible to control all of the company's operations, including the eCommerce website. The shipping information, status, inventory levels, movements, and all the sales information can be accessed from the eCommerce website's user portal.

Shipping Integration

The software also helps the user to control the delivery process for goods and their methods if the eCommerce website has been integrated with the platform. It is possible to define and explain the shipping rules along with the integration of the different shipping carriers. 

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Various shipping carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, local postal services, skilled couriers, etc. are permitted on the network. The customer may be able to monitor the product movement and shipping status directly from the eCommerce website if the integrations are complete.

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Operational Cost

Operational costs are minimized as the order information is updated to the database in real-time and the documents are lost and valid information never exists on the Odoo platform. This will reduce the humane and the technological mistakes which have been caused. Customers are often represented with the different orders and shipping information to offer the customer this information to understand and assess them according to their needs.

Report Generation

Different analytical reports will be enabled to be produced by the Odoo platform based on the eCommerce sales of products and services. The app enables the end-user to create different business analytical reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other financial reports. Reposts can be personalized, filtered, grouped, and sorted according to user requirements.

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Multistore Management

The Odoo platform enables users on a single platform to run multiple stores at different locations. It is also possible to control and track the inventory operations of your multiple stores using the same Odoo platform. The multi-store and inventory activities can be handled by the technique of point of sale built in the company's different stores and shops. The company's inventory management can be carried out by handling several warehouses and organizing its activities depending on the user's needs.

Payment Gateways

The payment methodologies in this modern world may not depend solely on cash and checks, but need to be combined with numerous online payment methodologies of the new century. The Odoo platform facilitates different online payment methods to handle the company's payment processes, such as PayPal and the use of credit and debit cards, online transfers, etc.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Customer Satisfaction

The Odoo survey option allows the end-user to gather product options and customer feedback on the basis of the sales carried out and how to strategize the sales options as necessary. Information will be provided to the clients by the monitoring features and order details featured on the customer dashboard of the website. Availability or elements of return and delivery can also contribute to customer loyalty and satisfaction in turn.


The Odoo platform will allow its users to manage and monitor all the operations of the eCommerce website after being integrated with Odoo. What intern would not only be most efficient for the end-user in the company or agency and also the customers 

Please contact us at if you are interested in Odoo Integration for your eCommerce website inside your business. With the help of Odoo, we can steer your company to have high profits and efficient management.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 29, 2021
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