Reasons Why Your Company Needs ERP

Why does my company need ERP?

Let’s start off today by the definition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

This software system allows for better performance and project management that helps in reporting on an organization’s financials and processes. It is commonly used by companies for a better track of to progress and brings together customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities into one system.

How cool is that? It's not a simple click & go process, dedication and motivation is needed, and even more, DATA is key!

So many benefits listed with ERP systems we will state them later on, businesses select ERP software for many reasons. One reason is how readily available ERP systems have become across multiple industries, even in niche markets.

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Enhance communications bridge 

As mentioned before, this unique solution where all the information and operational services can be found in just one place, allowing for better monitoring and responsiveness in times of need.

And ERP software such as Odoo made life way easier by allowing all data and employees to work all in one hand and one direction, and in order to receive and analyze the feedbacks DATA is the only solution in this evolution.

Save Time And Money

Now that we have our data inputted and accessible by everyone, all tasks are clear and this ease of access facilitates the increase of visibility into each other’s capabilities needs. Your risk of error is now limited and avoiding duplicated work which improves the company’s productivity.

ERP is capable of optimizing all of a company’s workstations.

Improved reporting and planning

Now this ERP system has started to unify the reports for every process, and everything is visible. ERP can now easily generate useful reports and analytics at any time, to be able to compare functions across the departments without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and emails.

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Improved Efficiency

Along with reduced IT and training costs, an ERP can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities. Properly implemented, an ERP solution can greatly reduce or eliminate repetitive manual processes, thus freeing up team members to focus on revenue-affecting tasks. This advanced functionality can manage business activities like (demand forecasting, generating purchase orders) and tracking products from manufacturing to delivery.

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Better customer Service

Now how’s that even possible. That seems like your ERP system is talking with your clients? Of course, they won’t know it, but it’s there!
Now the relationship between your customer and sales department is way smoother, and the ERP system is providing the necessary reports and information, you can easily provide better customer interaction from marketing automation all the way to late phase customer service.

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With Odoo ERP system, users have access to a centralized database anywhere and everywhere and from different devices. Have you had trouble with dealing with a very sensitive projects that have hard deadlines? Use Odoo ERP from home, office, wherever you want!

Now lets ask why you should invest in an ERP software?

ERP software is still a key ingredient toward building a successful business.

​​The benefits of implementing an ERP system in your organization outweigh the negatives because ERP gives your company a competitive and financial boost while improving company productivity, collaboration, and communication. The upside to the listed disadvantages is that with thorough research, your business can avoid making any of these mistakes.

If you want to know the disadvantages of ERP check this blog
If you need some help getting started on product research, check out our website or contact us for further inquiries.​

This is why!

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Why ERP system is important to your business

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems are transforming businesses around the globe — including those of your competitors. That alone should be reason enough to consider investing in an ERP system! However, there are many more justifications for companies of all sizes and across all industries to adopt technology that is designed to better manage business processes in an integrated and real-time manner.

ERP systems are an investment in your company’s operations, efficiency, intelligence, and productivity. All of the benefits of an ERP system ultimately come back to these improvements, which empower your organization to become more productive, more competitive, and better positioned to meet your customers’ needs.

Here are our top reasons why your business should invest in an ERP system.

treamlined Business Management

There are many moving parts that keep your business functioning every single day. From human resources and finances, to supply chain and manufacturing, to inventory, purchasing, quality control, sales, and more, there are many components to consider to keep your business stable, let alone to shift your focus on growth.
With ERP systems, these functions are streamlined into one reliable system. By connecting and integrating all areas of business operations and management, your departments are connected to each other with accurate, up-to-date information.
Integration also helps with efficiency; you can automate many processes and duplicate information with an ERP, cutting down on redundant manual tasks and their propensity for error.

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Real-Time Information

Today’s customers expect you to be flexible and responsive. They are accustomed to real-time responses, which can be challenging to meet unless you have access to the most current information whenever and wherever you need it. 

And your business has to plan, forecast accurately, make informed decisions, and stay on top of changing business developments and competitors; ERP systems provide the real-time analytics and data you need to do it all—and then some.


ERP systems work with you as your business grows. Whether you’re bringing new clients on board, adding new processes, developing new departments or workflows, everything you’re doing to grow can be easily rolled into your existing ERP system.

An investment in an ERP system is an investment in the future of your organization. ERP Cloud LLC can help you evaluate business processes and ensure you have the best system in place to grow your company, streamline operations, enhance real-time decision making, and so much more. 

Give us a call at 579-379-9973  or email to get started. 

We’ll work with you to help you get fitted with the right ERP solutions for your business — get in touch

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"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" - Bill Gates

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Reasons Why Your Company Needs ERP
noel October 7, 2020
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