Register Your Domain Name with Odoo ERP

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Register Your Domain Name with Odoo ERP
Ismail Harake
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Register Your Domain Name with Odoo ERP

Domain names have higher priority than your imagination. after you begin to order your business you'll discover that a serious share of the main target is going to be on its online illustration. It's one among the many things on an in-depth summation however encompasses an elementary job to perform. These days, everyone depends on the net for facilitating, notably after they ought to understand one thing. Dependence on the net is high in spite of whether or not they are finding out a piece of specific information or a selected item. Moreover, to determine yourself in internet promoting and to profit from your venture, you'll need an internet site. And in fact, it cannot be created while not selecting a website name. The name ought to befittingly accommodate your marketable methods.

We are here to direct you thru the tactic of obtaining your organization's noncommissioned domain to your Odoo ERP database. once someone sorts your organization's domain, they're promptly coordinated to Odoo. 

Picking the right name is one of the foremost vital things you’ll do for your website. luckily, there are a handful of reliable ways you may use to make your name as effectively as potential. additionally, it’s extraordinarily vital that once we select the right name for your web site, and are some things crucial for your success. whereas choosing a website name it’s beetles that you simply guarantee it's easier to recollect and spell, it ought to be tiny, and it ought to have the correct extension.

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You can simply get or acquire a website name from the assorted name suppliers offered. Here are some well-known name providers:

- GoDaddy

- Namecheap



Applying my name to my Odoo

Applying your Website name to your Odoo ERP.

For Setting the new name to our Odoo ERP, follow these steps.

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Applying your Website name to your Odoo ERP.
-For Setting the new name to our Odoo ERP, follow these steps.
-From the homepage access your account from the window delineating within the following image.
-From the account head to the Manage Databases page. 

-Afterward, click on the settings icon right of the info and from the dropdown list choose Domains you'd prefer to send as delineate within the following screenshot by doing the on top of steps an info domain prompt can seem. In addition, here you'll specify the name, and press the Add button as shown in the last slide show image.

You need to perform the subsequent operations in your domain manager to use the redirection from your domain name’s manager account:
-Produce a CNAME record, or Alias Record, with the new name
-Pointing it to Odoo’s default name.
-So that we will send the new name to the present domain.
Moreover, if you're using the domain. You need to send to

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Join us and make your company a better place.

Register Your Domain Name with Odoo ERP
Ismail Harake March 19, 2021
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