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May 31, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan

 Fully integrated solution for businesses in the kitchen design industry. 

The first part of the solution is creating multiple revisions under the same quotation. This is perfect for projects like kitchen design, where clients may request several drafts. All revisions are saved, maintaining a complete history and ensuring an efficient workflow. 

Each revision is automatically sequenced and concatenated with the sales order number. Users can also add a revision date attachment link, whether it's from OneDrive, a dedicated server, or a PDF attachment. This ensures all related documents are easily accessible and organized. 

Each revision can include up to three options, with each option representing a different set of variables. This helps the salesperson identify various pricing systems presented to the client. The image below illustrates the variables identified at the option level. 

Each option line features a checkbox that enables the transfer of all identified data to the order lines, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. 

The "Kitchen Specs" tab displays all data entered in the option lines. Users can view the details by simply selecting the relevant revision number and option number fields.

The "Kitchen Components" section represents the Bill of Materials (BoM) for each kitchen identified as a kit. It includes semi-finished goods (cabinets), with each semi-finished good containing all the necessary variants to complete the kitchen. This section helps determine the final price of the registered kitchen. 

the total number of points is the sum of all the points registered on each cabinet which is later on multiplied by the rate identified on each revision to determine the final price of the kitchen 

The main composition of the kitchen depends on the BoM and the identified models and materials. As presented in the image the points are multiplied by the rate we set on the revisions to finally calculate the unit price of the kitchen and group all the data in one place

Rasha Al Haj Hassan May 31, 2024
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