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Odoo offers an entire solution for the business manufacturers of makers and alternative business enterprises.

An important part of each business is the preparation and maintenance of a listing. Odoo has developed a formidable listing feature that's guaranteed to facilitate a business to survive within the competitive market. Odoo additionally permits a user to make a listing for purchasers. 

This ERP package permits the user to urge the most effective support for getting ready a listing for a product or a product class. Odoo takes into consideration a group of criteria for fixing costs.

The success of a business is directly proportional to the valuation of the merchandise. 

The user can need to amendment the value supported by the market state of affairs and alternative external factors.

While the key factors that decide the value square measure quality, price of production, and amount, factors as well as season, occasion, worth fluctuation within the market also has an effect on valuation.

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Odoo listing may be a possible possibility for several business teams partaking in product producing and repair providing. To make use of the value list feature, a user can need to install a Sales Module from Odoo Apps... 

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Go to Sales> Configuration> Settings> Pricing> Pricelists> Multiple prices per product.

Under the price Lists tab within the settings, the user will realize 2 options: 

1. Multiple costs per product: By facultative this, the user will produce price-lists for the client segments or completely different tariffs for various currencies. 

2. Advanced worth rules: This feature permits the user to line rules to alter the value. Here, the user will set the foundations supported product price, public worth, or another pricelist. 

The user also can build use of the surcharges and discounts to form changes within the worth. Odoo additionally supports the utilization of rounding error off the value.

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First, you can look at multiple prices per product

As you have enabled this option in "setting", you can find this option in the Sales Module.

Sales> Product> Price Lists

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On clicking the create button.

In the producing kindwe'll need to offer the name for the value list 1st.

Then the user can need to specify the currency and therefore the company. 
Then the user can click on the Add a Line choice to add product details and value details.

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Fill within the product details, product variant details, a minimum quality needed for that worthand therefore the worth

The Price Period also can be set exploitation this kind.

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The country cluster given here helps to set the price for that specific country. Here, we've got created a listing for Europe

The user will save the worth list once filling all fields. Now, if the user clicks on the "Sales and Purchase" tab the user will see that the worth list has been auto-updated.

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For this download the Accounting Module/App.

Accounting> Configuration> Settings> Multi-currencies

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If a user needs to activate additional currencies, then the user will click on Activate different currencies button, which can facilitate the user to urge new will get a brand new window of currencies. 

Here, the user will activate the specified currencies.

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After finishing this method, the user will set the sale value of the product supported by the main currency utilized in the country wherever the corporate is found.

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Now, you can generate/create a sales order and sell the merchandise at a different value.

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The Pricelist supported the worth list in EUR, the Price here is set for 2,950 Euro. 


With Odoo it is easy to customize and automate your business orders no matter where you are receiving or delivering your products. Today, most businesses are going through changes, and the most common change is that they are all going online. Businesses are implementing Cloud ERP solutions in order to keep the business growing during these uncertain times. 

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Sales PriceList management
Ismail Harake November 27, 2020
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