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Odoo eCommerce case study.

eCommerce businesses want to sell on all available marketplace platforms starting with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and their own eCommerce website, etc. 

However, managing Inventory for all of these platforms would be a real headache, but we all know that managing eCommerce business is not only about the warehouse count. you have to deal with product forecast, purchase orders, overstock, understock, drop-ship, and sometimes some manufacturing, mixing and kit packing is involved to make our job more complex.

ERP Cloud LLC worked with its clients to create all in one solution to fix all of these issues so business owners can focus only on sales, and adding more products to their products list.

Our Solution to all the above issues consists of three main functionalities:

1. Merging all marketplaces order in one system and integrating it with Odoo.

while the search for the best marketplace integrator that can manage all eCommerce platforms into one system and is affordable. Shipping easy was our best option to work with and to create the integration with Odoo.

We migrate sales orders from all different platforms into Odoo and in case these orders are fulfilled directly using shipping easy then the order will be set as delivered in Odoo also.

noting that all orders are synchronized with Odoo every 5 min.

2. Operations: Inventory, purchase, and manufacturing will be automated in Odoo.

Odoo will automatically alert you when product quantity is less than the minimum quantity that you specifies and would create a draft RFQ (request for quotation) for you to check and approve.​

3. Product Sales Forecast and Business Intelligence report.

Demand planning

Odoo ERP consultant December 1, 2019
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