SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Website

Practices To Optimize Your Website To Get A Better Ranking In Search Engines


SEO is a set of tools to make your site better for search engines, it's just being able to configure your site that search engines find it and display displayed for the users. This is a huge topic as so it's a very very interesting topic. 

One of these topics that people don't really agree on everything so I need to explain the nature of this topic because no one really knows Google's algorithm, therefore in this, with SEO there's a lot of people who think that this technique will work and another set of people that say the same technique doesn't work anymore or never worked.

There are so many different things and myths  around SEO because of that, I'm just going to talk about the best practices, the most well-accepted practices that most of the community considers it efficient and works.

I'm just going to talk about these best practices and I'm going to show you how to apply these on another website.

Best Practices for SEO Optimization

For this Practice to work you will need to download the Website, E-commerce, Sales and the Blog modules from the Odoo App Store

Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google won't prioritize it and most of the time users will visit your website using their phones, or even Google or any search engine. 

If the user is searching with a mobile phone, Google will prioratize websites that are mobile-friendly. So if your website is not mobile friendly, Google will not show it on the search results.

The Good News here with the Odoo website, by default your website will be mobile-friendly. So you won't have to do anything, if you want to see a sample just click on the mobile icon on the top right of the page.

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization, this is probably the main configuration that you actually have to do your domain optimization and to do that you are going to optimize the titles that descriptions the keywords URLs. The social images come with these tool called  "Promote" and there is a menu here optimized SEO

Basically what you want to do is to come up with a really nice search result. 

On the right, a preview of what Google is going to show in the browser to the user when they are searching for something. 

You want to have a really interesting title here because if Google shows your website right you made it to the first page of Google. If it just says "home" they won't even know what that is about and they won't click it, then Google will know that users are not interested in your link and then Google will stop showing your link.

Basics of SEO


Keywords are steals something within the HTML protocol, so it’s recommended you use it. 

Don’t spend much time on this, but I do recommend to use it probably don't spend most of your reports on this


You can promote your blog, website, and online video by uploading them to your website.

Once uploaded click on Promote. 

Promote allows your blog, website, anything you upload to become rechable to viewers looking for certain topics online. 

For example, Promote your blog, by adding certain keywords that will allow your blog to reach people searching for the similar topic online.

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You can do this for every page of your Odoo Website

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SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Website
Ismail Harake October 6, 2020
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