Stand Out with Odoo ERP system

Stand out From The Crowd With Odoo Social Media Implementation

Stand Out with Odoo ERP system


We're going to talk about social media marketing and more especially how you can implement really impactful social media marketing strategy using audio apps so we will divide this presentation into three parts 

Basics of Social Media Marketing

Today, almost every business and person, in the world has a social media account. Social Media is not only used to stay connected with other people but also to stay connected with brands you know. 

With the increase of social media subscribers, businesses are implementing social media, in order to increase awareness and customers. Therefore, nowadays social media is considered as a "must-have" for a business, no matter it's size, or how many employees it has.

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"Fun Fact, by 2021 3 billion people are expected to be on social media"

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How does it Effect Me?

You can create and share valuable content, that will drive engagement. When you post and share on social media you will boost your viewers. 

You know your target audience, and you know what they want. `therefore, you need to provide them with a unique experience, and unique opportunities in order to make them your customers, because they will become your investors, and that's what will drive your company to grow.

"If the company's social media implementation was done correctly, it will generate remarkable success to your brand"

Odoo ERP System integrated with Social Media

The Odoo Social Marketing App is fully integrated with all your social media accounts. Therefore, all you need to do is sign in to your social media accounts and allow it to sync with Odoo Social Marketing App. 

This will facilitate the posting of events, promotions, blogs on all your social media accounts, on your database. In addition, you will be able to post on all your social media accounts at the same time.

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Odoo Live Chat App

In order to reach your audience, you will be able to live chat with the people visiting your website. Nowadays, most websites have a littele chat box.

This chat box will allow your audience to contact you and ask any questions related to what they want, and what you can offer them.

This interaction will allow you to have a conversation with visitors and aloows to gain information related to what people are looking for, thus gaining an inside to what visitors what other than what you offer. 

With Odoo Live Chat, Odoo Social Marketing, and Odoo Website you will be able to reach a larger audience, and interact with visitors, in order to gain insight knowlwdge, and ideas related to what others visitors might be interested in.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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Stand Out with Odoo ERP system
Ismail Harake October 20, 2020
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