Wave Transfer Functionality in Odoo 15

Wave Transfer Functionality in Odoo 15

Any business that deals with product sales and purchases needs to keep track of inventory. An inventory location is where a company's products are maintained. Appropriate storage and product mobility throughout the company will aid in the delivery of goods in a methodical manner.

Odoo's inventory module will aid us in inventory management success. On sometimes, we must send items from our inventory. It could be a single product or a series of products for a single or several customers. Separately shipping all of these items is difficult. As a result, Odoo supports us in distributing a big number of products at once by using the wave transfer function.

This can also be done with batch and wave transfers. In both situations, we can accomplish a lot by working together. Both transfers help us move a large number of items from one storage place to another. This method can be used to aggregate a variety of transactions.

The Odoo inventory module is a useful tool for managing wave transfers. We can manage internal transfers, delivery management, receipt, drop=shipping, and other inventory operations in the same way that we can manage batch transfers.

The inventory module performs wave transfer and operation flawlessly. Wave transfer can be used to manage operations such as sales management, buying management, production management, point of sale management, and so on. We can get started with the inventory module's support.

We must first configure a wave transfer before we can use it. To do so, go to the settings tab and activate batch transfer under the configuration tab. Under batch transfer, we may see wave transfer. Access to wave transfer must be authorized. We can also set up a choosing policy to send all products at once or ship products as soon as they become available and then put them on back-order.

Configuration > Settings > Enable Batch Transfer and Wave Transfer > Save changes.

After enabling Wave Transfer, we can view previously created wave transfers by selecting the wave transfer option under Operations. Proceed to Operations > Wave Transfer to see all of the previously created wave transfers.

Let's have a look at how to transfer a wave. To execute a wave transfer, we must first select the transfers to be transferred as a batch. To choose a transfer, go to the Operations tab and select Transfer from the drop-down menu. All of the desired transfers should be performed in the same manner.

Select Operations > Transfer from the drop-down menu.

We can observe all of our company's transfers, such as receipts, deliveries, and so on, when we select the transfer option. We can also see transfers at different phases, such as ready, waiting, completed, and draft. Selecting the Create button will also allow you to make a new transfer.

To make a wave transfer, choose Transfers from the list. Transfers with the ready stage can only be added to a batch transfer with the ready status. To create a wave transfer, we must choose transfers from the same operation.

There are three deliveries available, all of which are ready to be picked up. Click the Action button once you've made your choices. A new window will display after you select the add to wave option from the drop-down menu.

There are two ways to include these transfers in a wave. This can be added to an existing wave transfer or a new one can be created. Either this has to be added to an existing one or wave transfer needs to be specified. We must provide the name of the transfer's accountable person when creating a new one. After you've completed all of the required fields, click the CONFIRM button.

When you click the Confirm button, the page will display all of the orders from the selected delivery. We may use the ADD TO WAVE button to select the ones we need and add them to the wave.

The new wave transfer is subsequently formed, which can be seen under the operation tab in the wave transfer. Unlike batch transfers, it is not possible to create a wave transfer. To create a new wave transfer, we need to select entries from transfers.

Wave Transfer Functionality in Odoo 15.

When we look at the newly constructed wave transfer, we can see that all of the selected items, as well as information like the transfers ID, lot and serial number, source and destination locations, reserved and done quantities, and so on, have been added to the detailed operation tab. By specifying an option, we can add a new transfer. From here, you can easily update the transfer's responsible person and the date on which it will be processed.

By selecting the PUT IN PACK option, we can create such packages. However, this option is only available if Packages have been enabled in the configuration settings.

We've arrived at the options menu, where we'll select three options to add to the pack by clicking the put in the pack button. After we've finished our transfer, we can change them, save them, and confirm it.

After validation, the wave transfer's state was changed from in progress to completed.

We wanted to add further transfers to an existing wave transfer in some circumstances. An existing wave can have a new transfer added to it. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Using the transfer, we can add new transfers to an existing wave. It's the same as if you were to create a new wave. Select a specific transfer, then go to the action button to add the packages, and then select the package choices to add to the wave. A new window appears after that. Adding to an existing wave or constructing a new wave are the two alternatives. The first choice is to add to an existing one, after which you can choose wave transfer. From the drop-down option, choose the wave we need, then confirm it.

You'll be sent to a new window where you can add wave actions. Select the operations you'd like to employ and include them in the wave.

Afterwards, check to see if the newly added transfer has appeared on that wave.

Additional transfers from wave transfer to can be added. To do so, open the wave transfer and go to the detailed operations page and select the add line option. Then, from the drop-down option, choose a new transfer and choose it. This has been included in the wave.

New transfers can only be added to an existing wave while it is still in progress, not after it has been completed. "Wave transfer" and "batch transfer" are terms that are interchangeable. There are, nevertheless, some distinctions. Because it is more advanced, a wave transfer varies from a batch transfer.

Wave transfer is commonly used by large organizations for their transfers. A wave transfer is superior to a batch transfer in many ways. Only the entire entries can be transferred in a batch transfer. However, with a wave transfer, the options for transferring operations can be transferred separately. There's no need to wait for the rest of an entry's products if all of them are available.

While creating a batch transfer, it is in draft mode. By pressing the add a line button beneath the transfers tab, we can quickly add transfers. After we've added all of the transfers, we'll be able to confirm that. After you've confirmed it, change the stage to in progress. Adding transfers to a batch transfer that is currently being processed is not possible. However, because a wave transfer is in progress at the time of creation, we can add transfers throughout that stage.

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Wave Transfer Functionality in Odoo 15
Ismail Harake January 29, 2022
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