What is Odoo ERP Software

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What is Odoo ERP Software


Odoo is one of the leading ERP software for open source, also previously known as OpenERP. Odoo Covers a wide range of Apps and modules such as CRM, Sales, Development, Project Management, Sales, Management of Human Resources, etc. There are different apps available based on business verticals that can be installed and used by companies. Some apps are available through the Open Source model for free. The creation and execution of Odoo enable you to choose from thousands of modules available in the store. As an Official Odoo ERP software development partner company, ERP CLOUD provides you with end-to-end services such as customization, deployment & implementation, integration, and support for training.

There are various versions tailored to satisfy and meet small to medium-sized business needs, Such as Odoo Community, Enterprise Edition that includes Cloud, Odoo.sh, and Online,  Odoo Implementation & Odoo ERP Development will help you improve your organization's business processes and productivity.

What Is an ERP Software?

Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software, ERP software is designed by companies to improve an organization's effectiveness. The implementation of ERP software allows you to benefit from many advantages, such as improving your company's productivity and business processes, and overall growth.

What Is an Open Source?

The Open Source ERP software is an ERP that can be downloaded and installed with the available modules is freely accessible over the internet. As a community edition, Open Source ERP was also coined where a pool of technical and functional ERP experts come together for a better ERP solution. Open source ERP software provides you with many advantages, one of which is the cost of the license and software.

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Odoo Versions & Editions:

There are different versions of Odoo Applicable & Available, such as Odoo version 14, which is likely the latest version of Odoo, and Odoo 15 that may be released at the end of this year, and older versions such as versions 13, 12, 11, 10 and so on... The latest version offers you new modules and features that can be updated according to the needs and requirements of the company. A new version is released by Odoo every year to make sure the system is up to track and satisfies business needs. 

There are different editions of Odoo ERP that need to be understood before you seek for Odoo implementation and development, apart from the release of the new version every year. As follows, Odoo Editions are:

Odoo Community Edition : (Free Edition)

The Odoo Community version is free of charge and you can start implementing Odoo on your own server for free. Based on the fact that you can start installing and configuring those modules, you need to understand what modules or apps your company needs.

Odoo Enterprise Edition : (Paid Edition)
Odoo Enterprise Edition is a premium paid edition that provides you with advanced business functionality and software. Within the Community Edition of Odoo, these features are not available. Within the Odoo Enterprise Version, you can conduct advanced accounting, project management, warehouse & manufacturing, and inventory management functions. Once again, many Odoo Enterprise edition options are available that target small to large businesses.

Enterprise Edition  Odoo Online vs Odoo.sh vs Odoo On-Premise

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Online Odoo: 
It is simple to start with Odoo Online Enterprise Edition with your ERP software, which is available online and controlled by Odoo. No modules can be modified or the solution is customized. Small businesses that want to use ERP software without any custom creation are targeted. 
In order to implement Odoo.sh Enterprise Version, you must either have technical expertise in order to install Odoo Enterprise Edition, which can be with the support of partners all over the world. In addition, with Odoo.sh, you can also use a custom module or third party applications.
On-Premise Odoo: 
You can take add-ons of your Odoo ERP with Odoo On-premise and implement, build on your own server instead of relying on Odoo for server, you can also configure on-premise Odoo system according to your business requirements.

Odoo Features:

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As a business, Odoo ERP software development can be carried out by different sectors of enterprises. Open source ERP software is primarily developed for small to medium-sized enterprises with modules accessible to the trade, manufacturing, services sector for particular industries. Another significant advantage of using Odoo ERP is that it is a simple web-based ERP app where information can be modified and updated by users from anywhere. Reports, inventory management & monitoring, point of sales, integration with eCommerce, or other unique modules according to the requirements of the company are some of the other features that the organization can use.

Modular & App-Based  

Odoo ERP is very versatile in nature, there are modules available for various specific industries that can be used as standard modules, some of which are Hospital Management, Loan Management, Insurance Management, Advanced Manufacturing, etc. This particular industry module further allows you to connect with the standard apps.

Making it a comprehensively ERP solution unique to the industry.


You can further configure and adjust to your business needs any app or module that your industry or vertical looks for is not available,and tailor it to meet your business requirements.

The Versions 

Various options of versions are available, such as Odoo Open Source ERP Software (Community) | Enterprise Edition, SAAS Based Model, to meet the needs and requirements of your organization based on its size.

Great and powerful Group 

Every ERP platform or solution capabilities are measured by its community and members who work to improve and create new functionality around the clock, the cornerstone is an open-source community and its collaborators that contribute to various fields and the development of new modules that meet the needs of organizations around the world on a daily basis. 

Effective Cost Factor

The simple community version, also known as the Odoo Open Source ERP platform, consists of different features and applications that can be used for normal operations. There are no license costs per user, making it a cost-effective solution.

No vendor's lock-in 

Odoo ERP software does not need vendor lock-in, unlike other proprietary tools, where you can change your vendor whenever appropriate in case your company is not happy with the current Odoo partner or vendor. In addition, there are more than 500+ partners to choose from worldwide. 

ERP Cloud has been an official collaborator for the last 7 years and has been operating since version 8 was launched.Our team worked on versions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14, and have completed more than 100+ successful projects around the world. As a vendor and Odoo Partner, we collaborate with businesses to ensure end to end services relevant to Odoo ERP tools.

Odoo Services List Provided by ERP Cloud

Development Services

Our ERP Cloud team has completed a lot of Odoo development, Our Odoo developers have more than 7+ years of experience in small to large business management projects. Every ERP Cloud Odoo development is carried out using the best methodology for software development to guarantee the efficiency of every project we pursue.


Odoo consists of a variety of modules that can be used to enforce standardized implementation either default or out of the box, recognizing that every organization has distinct workflows and business processes; as we are open source, we at ERP Cloud provide you with customization services-it can be tailored according to the business requirement. Before initiating any customization of Odoo software, we thoroughly understand the basic market flows of our customers. In order to meet the needs of those customers that can not be introduced from the existing customization of modules, we also offer new app/module creation.

Third-Party Integration & Version Migration

Integration of third-party apps is another area excel at if you need to integrate other applications with Odoo software. It allows you to easily integrate all your third party applications via available API keys or via web services as a web-based ERP software. Some of them are Magento Integration, Amazon.com Integration, eBay Integration, shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, QuickBooks Integration, and many more. We have incorporated many 3rd party apps.

Upgrades to new versions every year occur with more efficient features and modules to satisfy different business needs, so we also offer Odoo version migration. Our team has successfully migrated version 8 for our customers to the new versions or to the latest one.

AMC & Support

The ERP Cloud team provides assistance that can be an ongoing operation. Depending on the requirement, our support plans are based on quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. With full sponsorship of the Project, we pursue and give you to ensure that the program runs smoothly. We also promise that the questions from our client will be answered in no time. Our resource, therefore, works to ensure assistance to other countries in different time zones.

Training & Consultancy

Odoo training can be functional or technical. At competitive pricing, we provide tutorials with on-site, offshore expert tools such as Zoom, skype, or team viewer or through documentation. 

Another support provided by the ERP Cloud team is consultation. ERP consulting is comprehensive and can be given on the implementation of modules, customization, industry-wise, etc. Our consultation team has several years of manufacturing, warehouse, accounting, sales, CRM, trading, and other ERP implementation expertise.

Conclusion: What is Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is one of the ERPs that is advanced both in usability and customization aspects. Moreover, it is a reliable and cost-effective strategic tool that can serve as a user's complementary tool. In addition, the app allows customers to incorporate third-party devices with advanced software in order to operate the business in their own way. 

Odoo implementation can be achieved in and around the world through Odoo accredited partners. ERPCloud technology provides services such as Odoo development, implementation, customization, migration, support, and maintenance, as one of the best Odoo perfect partners, and we have outsourced developers to you to introduce Odoo in your business.

Drop us a line at sales@erpxcloud.com for more information.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz February 9, 2021
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