Why Odoo ERP is needed for SMEs

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Why Odoo ERP is needed for SMEs
Ismail Harake

Small-scale business processes typically run in a fast-paced environment, and if there is a small error in the operating patterns, the activity may be disrupted. Usually, the manageability of these institutions is worthy of being handled by a manager or a team. In the long run, though, this will lead to disastrous losses, they would not be able to work with a supporting tool that simplifies the processes and makes them capable of handling the establishment both in the long term and in the event. In comparison, a solution method would offer more profitability and efficiency to the activities of the business, which would come as a massive expense in the case, but will be seen in the long run as a cost-effective approach.

ERP Solutions  For SMEs

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Enterprise and resource planning solutions "ERP Solutions" have been used as business strategy solutions for all scales of enterprises around the world. The establishment of a completely working one came into being with the advancements of digitalization in the past century. The need and importance of these solutions became apparent as time advanced to the modern century. In addition, as they analyze the output and provide consumers with optimal productivity and realistic expectations,

the popularity of this program is widespread. In addition, the chart on these ERPs shows that they presented the customer with valuable benefits that further increased the company's competitiveness and profitability facets.

Odoo ERP For SMEs

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There are various ERP solutions available worldwide today that are capable of operating any sector of activities, business sizes, and more. As well as the application-specific ones, the enterprise and resource planning applications are listed as the ones that can provide the client with the ability to handle the whole activities of the company. The decision to adopt the solution relies completely on the needs of the user and the type of need depending on which the desired ERP solution can be selected. Odoo ERP is an enterprise management platform of the modern millennium that falls under the category of the company's completely managed activities rather than its application-specific use. The Odoo platform has increased in popularity 

over the last decade because of its user-friendly and capabilities, making it a commonly used ERP worldwide. Today, 5 million people worldwide use Odoo ERP.

This blog will address some stereotypes & misconceptions in small-scale institutions regarding the application of the ERP and offer an understanding of the benefits of an ERP in them. 

Certain Misconceptions concerning ERP for SMEs

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With respect to the need for an ERP initially in small to medium-sized enterprises "SMEs", the managers or the company's executive committee would have a certain misunderstanding.   Initially, they might have believed that ERPs are mainly for large multinational organizations, which is incorrect and many are clearly meant to operate small-scale enterprises "SMEs". Moreover, this will be a valuable method for these industries in the long term.

Second, it's an expensive investment and small-scale establishments will not be paying back. However, considering a small scale establishment, the investment in an ERP would be a huge stem which would burn a hole in their pockets, but it is a cost-effective business model that would provide the organization with direct as well as indirect profits in the long term. Third, the biggest misunderstanding of everything is the functioning aspects that will be tough. In addition, ERPs are built to be user-friendly and operate for the company's ordinary employees who have no specific coding and development skills. In addition, the back end of the platform is designed in a simple way to provide the customer with proper preparation and experience to make desired changes. In addition, support teams will be available during the year for all ERPs around the world to provide support and preparation at the appropriate time.

Benefits of Odoo ERP in SMEs

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For small to medium-sized enterprises "SMEs", the Odoo ERP provided will offer more operating productivity and provide the customer with the following benefits: 

  • The facilitated flow of information 

  • Increased profitability and efficiency 

  • The absolute power of enterprise processes 

  • Adaptable organizational approach as required by the business and the organization 

  • Strategy & Planning tools 

  • Sophisticated support systems for decision making 

  • Specialized features for supporting activities & operations


For small to medium-sized enterprises "SMEs", Odoo ERP is a suitable solution and brings in more functionality for its users to work in the business.
Write to us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you are searching for a customized ERP  solution for your business. Erpxcloud is ready to provide you with broad choices and options to turn the ERP platform solution the way you want.

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Why Odoo ERP is needed for SMEs
Ismail Harake December 21, 2020
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