Why UAE Business Owners favor Odoo ERP over any other ERP?

Odoo ERP in UAE
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Why UAE Business Owners favor Odoo ERP over any other ERP?
Ismail Harake
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Why UAE Business Owners favor Odoo ERP over any other ERP?

Within concrete blocks, the industry is no longer limited across the globe. As technology expands, enormous businesses are blooming every day, needing an adequate framework to handle their workflow and expand efficiently. In business maintenance and management, ERP solutions play a crucial role, helping the business to expand rapidly. Finding an ERP that best suits the business directly impacts business growth and benefit. 

With over 5 million active users, Odoo ERP is one of the world's enterprise software. Through its special modular architecture, Odoo apps improve the productivity of the operations carried out. Choosing the best ERP from ERP vendors such as SAP Business One, Scoro, NetSuite, Odoo, Oracle, and MS Dynamics NAV is a hectic process. But why Odoo ERP Stands out to always be the best!!!

We will show you how Odoo ERP functions perfectly for many businesses and their needs, from large enterprises to SMEs.

All In One Suite

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The Odoo ERP suite consists of numerous features that allow businesses to manage any aspect of their activities on a single platform. With the aid of Odoo's modules and features that should be a must-have for business, such as inventory management, customer relationship management, point of sale, eCommerce, are easily implemented. 

The ERP solution is an ideal option for a fast-growing business, particularly the Odoo ERP, which can handle the workflow of each industry in a company with its unique modules and simple interfaces, even for SMEs.

Optimal Interface

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Any software with a user-friendly UI is the seamless flow of the system that any business requires. Odoo ERP has a straightforward & simple UI that can also be customized  & implemented for the business and can be easily managed by anyone. 

The visual elements of multiple interfaces will make the workflow unambiguously effortless and effective. Odoo ERP promotes a mobile-friendly app and direct support for customers.

Unique Modules

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More than 7000 plus modules in a single suite that serve specific business needs for each module. It is possible to customize and implement each module according to business requirements. Each updated version of the Odoo ERP will boost the operations of the company, increase sales and, thus, productivity. Some of the common modules that can be easily incorporated with third-party channels include 

mostly necessary modules such as CRM, HRM, eCommerce, Inventory, accounting, invoicing, email marketing for business.

Migration and Integration

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It is not always possible to transfer data from legacy software to any ERP software smoothly. OdooERP stands against all odd factors and provides end-users of the platform with data migration scripts and reference content. 

Odoo has both business and community versions, where there are a lot of integration features that make the program more effective, including third-party integration. 

Customization and integration with the appropriate software for each module is just the exclusive advantage of Odoo. The Odoo ERP helps to attract potential clients for the company in every aspect, from the bank and VOIP to Amazon and eBay integration.

Less Budget

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The Odoo license is cost-free, making it open to even low-budget start-up companies. Many business-suitable modules can be downloaded from the community edition free of charge, but there are few modules that need to pay for them. The budget spent on the software can be used to configure and execute ERP applications to improve business development.

The Odoo ERP is now considered to be the most popular ERP suite, even for large enterprises, than other commercial ERPs. The availability and customizable features, which are undeniably cheap and basic, make the software more demanding. Flexible according to changes in the company's business requirements, the Odoo ERP makes it the best management software without data erosion and high security.

Why UAE Business Owners favor Odoo ERP over any other ERP: Conclusion

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Why UAE Business Owners favor Odoo ERP over any other ERP?
Ismail Harake January 12, 2021
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