Project Management Module

Organize, schedule, plan, and analyse

Agile Project Management

Beautiful. Easy. Open Source.

monitor communication planning, information development and distribution, and reporting to interested parties.


Project Forecast


Project management is a key management tool that enables Odoo to effectively achieve their goals in a changing business environment, driven by risk, uncertainty and competitive pressures. 

Project management module is accompanied with forecast resources and needs which project performance and employee’s availability.  

Planning and Control

In this multidisciplinary module of Odoo, there is more for traditional project management planning and control, Odoo also has diverse strategies in pipeline for project management roles in the modern business world.

The project management module provides Odoo a secure access to the delivery team and customers of the web-based project collaboration area. These project work-spaces provide keyword search, version control, issue tracking and more to help teams share documents and other important information.

Managers at Odoo can easily combine all time, task and budget details with user-friendly reports. The project management module can choose how to monitor the performance of projects in the budget: from simple clock summaries to more complex revenue budgets, by time and by activity. With the assistance of project management module, staff can monitor combustion performance or performance based on cumulative expenditures, budgets to date, or performance after completion.

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