A Digital Business with Odoo

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A Digital Business with Odoo
Ismail Harake
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How to Become a Digital Business with Odoo

The world's emissions levels have risen to catastrophic levels in recent years, primarily due to environmental destruction, resource overload, high emission levels, deforestation, and many other human-induced aspects. Working in this way will be the end of the world as portrayed in films that are intended to leave the planet searching for an alternative world with enticing survival prospects rather than saving it. 

It is not the responsibility of every citizen of the planet to look after nature, but it should be their duty to protect it from waste and contamination. It is the tiny beginnings of your life that, as stated by different philosophers with long and credential titles, will add up to the collective shift in society. As a matter of fact, the saying is true because the greatest changes in the world in which you live will result in a shift in daily life. The wise use of energy, the use of public transit, walking, and commuting for shorter distances. These small things, as mentioned, will enable you to reduce the carbon footprint you are causing in the world.

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Now back to the subject, the innovations and invention of computers have provided us with different benefits for our day-to-day life, one of which is the fact that in your business activity and personal life you could go digital "paperless". Odoo is one of the best ERP Software platforms available on the market for enterprise and resource planning that will simplify the company's management practices. 

As Odoo software enables customers to handle the company's entire activities from a single interface, it is referred to as the one-stop solution for business needs. Keeping into account the last factor in mind, let me explain one of the Odoo platform's main benefits. It's the opportunity to work digitally in the business, as Odoo controls all facets of the business, it is easy to enforce the digital approach in the business. 

This blog will illustrate how the Odoo platform will enable businesses to become digital and paperless and create a digital world.

Documents Module of the Odoo platform

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The Odoo documentation module helps users to store both data and documents relating to all areas of business functions. The module is one of the most powerful digital tasks that a business can run on, in the same manner, they were operating with the hard copy feature. The feature allows users to store in the module the different records such as invoices, sales orders, purchasing ores, quotes, licensing licenses, rules,

payslip, etc. that would be even more useful in the activity of the business. In addition, it is possible to coordinate and store records from different divisions in a common directory that is secure and effective on security protocols developed as the Odoo portal provides an employee and user with secure login. The home screen of the document module is below, where the user can build and describe the different business and operating documents on the platform. Advanced filtering and grouping features are accessible by default and can be configured according to user requirements.

Watch the following video below for more information on Odoo Document Module:

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Sign Module of the Odoo platform

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The signature feature is another aspect of the essential activity in a business, for which the documents are created in hard copy to be signed by the corresponding executive, manager, or investor. Sign mode documents are submitted to the respective officers who are willing to use the electronic signature language. This will eliminate the use of the business office of hardcopy. The signature can be drawn or can be produced electronically. 

Watch the following video for more information on the sign module and how it assists in paperwork or documentation approvals:


Accounting module in Odoo

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The invoice generation feature on the Odoo platform enables users to send invoices via e-mails to customers. The feature also offers the ability to produce a printout of the invoices at urgent times. Furthermore, the accounting module provides users with the provision to electronically send out sales and purchase quotations on different items by email. This choice is much more beneficial for a business 

to go digital or paperless as quotations on sales and orders are out in greater numbers. 

In search of more information on the accounting app, read the following blog: Odoo Accounting

Conclusion: How to Become a Digital Business with Odoo

The Odoo platform is a perfect way to run your business and the system will provide you with a digital operating approach as an added bonus to your concern about the destruction of serenity and emissions of the ecosystem. 

Do you want your business to work without paper and turn digital? If you are interested in Odoo implementation for your company, please send your message to sales@erpxcloud.com

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

A Digital Business with Odoo
Ismail Harake December 22, 2020
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