Odoo Supply Chain Management

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Odoo Supply Chain Management

The supply chain can be thought of as a collection of services that work together to provide a comprehensive service for delivering the finished product to the client.

Because the ultimate goal of all organizations is the promotion and sales of their product, which is directly dependent on the manageability of the production components, it can be the backbone of your organization's success if handled properly.

  1. Supplier: They would provide the finished product's raw materials.

  2. Manufacturer: They would begin the manufacturing process on the finished product once they received the raw material from the supplier.

  3. Distributor: The Distributor will now ship the final product to the customer once it has been manufactured.

  4. Customer: The flow ceases after the consumer receives the purchased product in excellent condition.

The Basic Flow that SCM Follows are:

  1. Information Flow: This is where the customer or any service that is passed along the process provides the information.

  2. Material Flow: Material flow begins on the left and travels right. That is, it is upgraded from supplier to manufacturer until it becomes the finished material and is delivered to the client.

  3. Cash Flow: Cash flow begins on the right and goes to the left, which is the direction of the client. When a consumer bill for a product, the total cost is distributed across all of the services.

  4. Reverse Flow: The reverse flow, like cash flow, begins on the right and travels to the left. In the event of a malfunctioning product or if a customer is dissatisfied with the goods, they may return and request a refund; in this scenario, reverse flow occurs.

Odoo for Supply Chain Management

To efficiently manage all of the flow and make it as painless as possible. A feature-rich ERP is always a good idea. Odoo is all you need if you're looking for a feature-rich ERP.

With Odoo, you can effortlessly manage all of the primary parts of SCM, including supply, manufacturing, distribution, and all of the flows.

The following are some of the important elements that will help you to speed your SCM.

All-in-One Business Solutions

  • One of Odoo's distinguishing features is that all of its applications are interconnected. This will be extremely beneficial to your supply chain.

  • Odoo will automatically produce the Sale Order in the backend when a customer places an order in the e-shop.

  • When you confirm the SO, it will generate a raw material purchase order for the supplier.

  • Odoo will establish the production order for the manufacturer after you receive the products in inventory from the supplier.

  • The manufacturer now assembles the finished product using the raw components provided and ships it to the retailer or directly to the client.

  • Odoo will generate an invoice for the end product once it has been manufactured and is ready for delivery, and once the invoice has been paid, it will register the payment, completing the process.

  • All of the aforementioned processes take place in various apps, but they are all automated with Odoo. You won't have to switch between several apps to get things done.

Maintain Inventory Classification for Better Traceability

The most crucial part of SCM is inventory management. The more complete your inventory is, the easier it will be to diagnose the issue.

For inventory management, Odoo uses a double-entry approach so you can keep track of every detail of each product transaction.

As a result, in the case of reverse flow, it is easier to pinpoint the exact spot where the problem occurred, allowing the authorized person to take action.

Reordering Rules, Routes, and Automatic Replenishment are all available in Odoo, ensuring that you will never run out of stock or be overstocked.

Efficient Manufacturing

You can set up BoMs, Multi-level BOMs, Advanced Material Requirement Planning (MRP), and many more capabilities for hassle-free Manufacturing planning with Odoo Manufacturing.

You can set up different work centers for different procedures and track the amount of time spent manufacturing in each one.

Interactive Reporting

Odoo's interactive advance reporting makes this possible. You may get extensive information on your process, whether it's sales, purchases, or manufacturing, with just one click. You can also create an interactive dashboard with all of the necessary data.

Conclusion: Odoo Supply Chain Management

ERP Cloud has developed advanced solutions for a variety of clients across the globe. Connect with our ERP experts if you need any help or customization for your Odoo Apps, or if you want to set up an advanced SCM for your company. Simply fill out the Contact Form on our website to book a free consultation or demonstration with us.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz December 21, 2021
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