Odoo Solutions

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  • Forget about code Just drag & drop business features.

  • Get a website that automatically adjusts to fit your brand and style guidelines.

  • With a fully integrated marketing stack (SEO tools, call to action, multi-websites, track visitors, email marketing).

  • Extend your website with hundreds of Apps (Sell Online, Content Management, Full Marketing Stack, Link Business Features)

Easy inline edition of highly dynamic content.

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A Modern online warehouse management software.

  • Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.

  • Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever.

  • Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse.

  • Track every stock move with Odoo's unique double-entry inventory system.

  • Stay in the know with real-time reports.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps

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If you knew stock demand trends per warehouses, you would have a clue to decrease keeping costs and to have a flawless supply chain.

  • Demand trends and forecasts are shown comfortably.

  • Import data in certain statistical software.

  • The right for trends analysis might be granted to any WMS user.

  • Apply the statistical method (Autoregression, Moving Average, Autoregressive Integrated Moving average, Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average, Simple Exponential Smoothing, Holt Winter’s Exponential Smoothing)

  • Forecast as many intervals as you like.

And Many More!

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

The real customer-centric CRM Track leads, close opportunities, and get accurate forecasts.

  • Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

  • Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance.

  • Dig deeper with real-time reports and flow charts that anyone can create and share.

  • Schedule activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations.

  • Get all the information you need, directly on the opportunity: website pages viewed, mail received, etc.

  • Know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets.

  • Organize your work based on your scheduled next actions.

  • Stay connected to your customers Real-time messaging to enhance collaboration.

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps

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A right implementation of odoo leads to the successful growth of an organization.

  • Pre-Analysis: We make sure that we give you a positive feasibility report.

  • Detailed Analysis: We make sure the analysis is thorough so that we are able to gather the required knowledge.

  • Project Planning: At this stage, we plan how to execute the roadmap we developed.

  • Initiation of Development: At this stage, we begin to implement the solution.

  • Data Migration: After successful application installations we proceed with your business data migration

  • Training: Preparing a solid functionality on paper and getting it developed as planned won’t change the scenarios of your organization

  • Support and Maintenance: Differences between an unsuccessful and successful ERP Implementation is live Support.

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From sourcing to contract, handle your recruitment process easily.

  • Set up your job board, promote your job listings, and easily keep track of submitted applications.

  • Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents.

  • No need to outsource your recruitment - handle everything internally.

  • Track job offers See which channel drives most applications.

  • Customize your recruitment process to Define your own stages and interviewers.

  • Integrated Documents Define your own documents management process.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

  • Put your business on autopilot.

  • Create automatic & targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Craft sophisticated end-to-end customer journeys.

  • Design engaging email campaigns in minutes.

  • An efficient lead management system.

  • Automate every department’s business processes.

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  • ​ Email Marketing Made Easy.

  • Build awesome campaigns.

  • Craft successful email campaigns that resonate with your prospects.

  • Segment your database For better open and click rates.

  • Works on any device.

  • Improve your campaigns Rely on stats and data to send better emails.

  • Take full control of every aspect of your mailing campaigns. (link tracking, ROI calculation)

  • Fully integrated with Odoo Apps.

Our Core Solutions

We have experience developing Odoo solutions across multiple industries and verticals.


manage your business in an effective and efficient manner by providing consistent information flow. Helping in easy tracking of all business transactions. A system allows automatic recording of transactions in a real-time environment.


Grow Your Business Faster With Our Unified Platform That Is Easy & Quick To Use. Everything You Need To Start Selling Online Today.


Professional expertise in Open Source solutions at your disposal for your projects.


Agile methods to implement your Open Source solutions.

Subscription Management

Expertise to optimize the purchase and use of your Open Source Subscriptions.

Maintenance And Hosting

SLA's to run your Open Source solutions in a sustainable and reliable way.


Open Source experts share their know-how to improve your skills.

Odoo Technical Support

We provide world-class technical support including access to 24/7 assistance as well as support for Odoo and Odoo applications